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James R. Carpenter

Current Research Projects
Principal Investigator Project Title
Carpenter, J.R. Monitoring and Diagnosis of Livestock Diseases in Hawaii


Phone: 808-956-9832
Fax: 808-956-4024

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Educational Background

Bellows Falls High School, Vermont 1962
B.S. Agriculture, University of Vermont at Burlington 1966
M.S. Animal Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa 1969
Ph.D. Ruminant Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Professional Interests

Dr. Carpenter is very actively involved in both undergraduate and graduate education through teaching, coordinating the internship program, advising and other academic affairs activities. He recently received the National Association of College Teachers in Agriculture "Teaching Award of Merit" and the University of Hawaii at Manoa "Board of Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching."

Dr. Carpenter's primary research emphasis areas include basic and applied investigations on ruminant nutrition and physiology. His work focuses on the evaluation of forages and by-products for ruminant feedstuffs, and the optimization of fiber and protein utilization for growth and lactation. Other areas of interest include livestock production technology (including management systems, supplementation techniques and computer simulation), and soil-plant-animal interactions under various grazing systems.

Ongoing Research Projects

His current research projects include studies on the effects of stressors (dietary and environmental) on the metabolism, behavior, reproduction and health of dairy and beef cattle, and ways to minimize these adverse effects. Trials are also being conducted to determine the impact of plant physical properties and cell wall structure on rate and extent of digestion.