Korean Natural Farming

Korean Natural Farming System

Principal Investigator

Wang, K.-H., T. Radovich, J. Sugano, M. Duponte, G. Sako, C. Evensen, R. Nagata, R. Uchida, and S. Miyasaka. 2011-2012. Evaluating the benefits of Korean Natural Farming practice on tropical vegetable crop production in Hawaii. NRCS $25,000.


  1. Side by side comparison between  Korean Natural Farming and various other farming practices (including those using synthetic fertilizer to permaculture) in Puna.
  2. Nematode Community Analysis as an Indicator to Examine the Effects of Korean Natural Farming on Soil Health (Poster on studies of Korean Natural Farming in Waianae and Kauai).



Wang, K.H., M. Duponte, and K. Chang. Use of Korean Natural Farming for Vegetable Crop Production in Hawai‘i. Hānai‘Ai Newsletter June-July-August 2012. Hānai‘Ai Newsletter Dec-Jan-Feb 2012-2013.