ATTENTION PARENTS & STUDENTS: The Biotechnology Outreach Program is inviting elementary aged students (Gene-iuses!) to join them on Saturdays to let out the sensational scientist inside them!

What is Saturday Gene-iuses?

Our Saturday Gene-iuses classes are a spin-off from our original Gene-ius Day field trips for elementary schools. Each Saturday Gene-iuses classes brings students and their parents onto campus for 2 hours of exciting, engaging activites that encourage scientific thinking and appreciation for all things science related. Each Saturday Gene-iuses session can accomodate up to 24 students/chaperones.

The program runs all year long and offers a variety of classes to choose from. Each one takes place in a laboratory setting and promises awesome science experiments and activities!




To reserve your seat in Saturday Gene-iuses, please register and submit payment online or by mailing us a check. If you prefer to mail us a check, please make check payable to: “The Research Coorporation of Hawaii” or “RCUH” and mail it to us. Mailed checks are due 72 hours after registration. Once we receive your application and payment, we will email you a letter confirming your reservation. 



Regular Student Fees
$17.50 per student
  $17.50 per chaperone
Regular Student Fees
  $21.50 per Student
  $21.50 per Chaperone
Title 1 Student Fees*
  $11.50 per Student
  $21.50 per Chaperone



Oahu: Parking is available in the upper campus lots for a flat fee of $6 (with a 15-minute grace period) or residential parking (within a 10-15 minute walk) is available for no charge.

Kauai: Parking is available at the Kauai Community Campus for no charge.


Drop Off Services

(Oahu only) - If you are interested in using our Drop Off Services, please indicate this on the Registration Form. The Drop Off Service will allow you to drop off and pick up your child within a certain period of time at a specific site thus eliminating the need for you to park your car.

Drop off services will occur at St. John Plant Science building on the East West Road side, we will have signs to direct you to the right place. There will be two staff members present to acknowledge your child at pick up/drop off.

Drop Off Times
Pick Up Times
  10 am to 12 pm 0930 - 0945 AM 1210 -1225 PM  
  2 to 4 pm 0130 - 0145 PM 0410 - 0425 PM  


We do not accept walk-ins or telephone reservations for the Saturday Gene-ius program. We cannot accept cash and will not honor reservations without payment.  Also, payment for all Saturday Gene-ius session is non-refundable.  If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ, email geneius-day@ctahr.hawaii.edu.



Biotech in Focus

Bulletin 7 of 24 - Genetic Engineering

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ATTENTION TEACHERS: If you are interested in bringing your students to our Gene-ius Day Field Trip, Contact us to learn more!