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Food Science and Human Nutrition Council

Students in the FSHN program are highly encouraged to join the Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Council. The FSHN Council is a student organization that strives to help current students flourish in the program. The FSHN Council welcomes anyone who is interested to join! Visit their homepage for more information here.

Reasons why You Should Join the FSHN Council!

  • Low Membership Dues ($5/Semester)
  • Knowledgeable Mentors
  • Workshops for Dietetic Students Applying for Internships on DICAS
  • Buy/Sell Textbooks with peers for reasonable Prices
  • Resume Booster
    • Develop and Improve Valuable Personal and Professional Skills
    • Exposure to Employement/Volunteer Opportunities
    • Network With Students, Faculty, and Professionals in Related Fields
  • GREAT People, DELICIOUS Food, FUN Activities and More!


Want to learn more about the FSHN major?

All academic inquiries for FSHN will be handled by the CTAHR Academic Advising Office


The advisors are located on the first floor of Gilmore Hall, appointments are required to meet with them. To make an appointment, please visit


Prior to your academic advising appointment, please review the FSHN program information here: We have student handbooks for all of our academic degree options in FSHN. Please read the handbook for the degree option you wish to pursue PRIOR to attending your advising appointment.


For all academic advising questions, please contact the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) professional advisors at:



The FSHN Council is the student club for the FSHN program