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Rachel Novotny

Current Research Projects
Principal Investigator Project Title

Novotny, Rachel

Healthy Living In The Pacific Islands (Hlpi) Healthy Pacific Child Program (Hpcp)

Novotny, Rachel How To Motivate Parents To Promote Intake Of Calcium Rich Foods Among Early Adolescents (From W1003)


Phone: 808-956-3848
Fax: 808-956-4883
Office: AgSci 302 I
Personal Website:

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Educational Background

1986 Ph.D. Cornell University. Major: International Nutrition. Minors: Epidemiology/Population Studies and Anthropology.
Dissertation: Preschool Child Feeding, Health, and Nutritional Status in Highland Ecuador.

1982 M.S. Cornell University. Major: International Nutrition. Minor: Anthropology.
Thesis: Maternal and Infant Nutritional Status During Exclusive Breast-feeding in the Lake Titicaca Region, S.A.

1978 B.A. Beloit College. Major: Biology.
Senior Thesis: Breast Milk Consumption by Infants in Puriscal, Costa Rica.

Research Interests

I direct the Nutritional Assessment of Populations program (NAP). My research
interests focus on diet, physical activity and body size factors, their
influence on the process of growth and maturation, and implications for
health and disease. My work focuses on periods of rapid growth, including
pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence. Research areas include the role of
breast-feeding in maturation and growth, and the importantce of variability
of body size in different population groups for risk of disease. Current
research focuses on adolescent growth, maturation and bone development and
the need for adequate weight and fat for bone growth to precent osteoporosis
in opposition to the concern of early maturation that increases risk of
reproductive cancers.

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Healthy Living in the Pacific Islands (HLPI) Healthy Pacific Child Program (HPCP) (2004 - 2008)

2. Healthy Living Hawaii (2004 - 2005)
- Department of Health

3. Nutritional and Genetic Determinants of Early Puberty (2004 - 2007)
- Department of Defense

4. Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership - Univ of Guam/Cancer Research Center of Hawaii Partnership (2003 - 2008)

Courses Taught

FSHN 250 Human Need & Want
FSHN 370 Lifespan Nutrition
FSHN 451 Community Nutrition
FSHN 467 Nutritional Assessment
FSHN 470 Lifespan Nutrition
FSHN 492 Field Experience
FSHN 493 Community Nutrition
FSHN 499 Topics-Food,Agriculture & Nutrition.
FSHN 681 Seminar in Nutrition Science
FSHN 682 Topics in Nutritional Epidemiology
FSHN 685 Progress in Human Nutrition
FSHN 699 Directed Reading and Research
FSHN 700 Thesis Research

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2004 Maskarinec G, Oshiro C, Morimoto Y, Hebshi S, Novotny R, Franke A. Urinary Isoflavone Excretion as a Compliance Measure in a Soy Intervention among Young Girls: A Pilot Study. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In press.

2004 Oshiro C, Maskarinec G, Petitpain D, Hebshi S, Novotny R. A soy intervention in adolescent girls: Design and implementation. J Nutr Educ. 36:204-208.

2004 Davison N, R Workman, YG Daida, R Novotny, D Ching. Healthy Living in the Pacific Islands: Results of a Focus Group Process to Identify Perceptions of Health and Collaboration in the US Affiliated Pacific Islands. Journal of Extension. In Press.

2004 Gabel, K., Auld G., Bock, M.A., Boushey, C., Bruhn, C., Gustafson, D., Holmes, B., Misner S., Novotny, R., Peck, L., Pelican, S., Pond-Smith, D., Read, M., Wolfe, F. Relationship of gender to motivators and barriers of drinking milk by adolescents - results from focus groups. J. Adolescent Health In press.

2004 Novotny R, Daida Y, Acharya S, Grove J, Vogt T. Dairy intake is associated with lower body fat and soda with higher weight among adolescents J Nutr. 134(8):1905-1909.

2004 Novotny R, YG Daida, J S Grove, S Acharya, TM Vogt, D Paperny. Adolescent dairy consumption and physical activity associated with bone mass. Prev Med Aug;39(2):355-60

2004 Davis J, Busch J, Hammatt Z, Novotny R, Harrigan R, Grandinetti A, Easa D. The relationship between ethnicity and obesity in Asian and Pacific Islander populations: A literature review. Ethn Dis 14:111-118.

2004 Jensen JK, G Auld, MA Bock, C Boushey C Bruhn, K Gabel, B Holmes,S Misner, R Novotny, L Peck, S Pelican, M Read, K Jensen, D Gustafson. Development of a Food Frequency Questionnaire to Estimate Calcium Intake in Multiethnic Youth. J Am Dietet Assoc 104(4):762.

2003 Novotny R, YG Daida, JS Grove, S Acharya, TMVogt. Formula Feeding in Infancy is associated with Adolescent Body Fat and Earlier Menarche. Cellular and Molecular Biology 49(8):1289-93.

2003 Oshiro C, Novotny R, Titchenal CA. Calcium intake of Asian and Caucasian Adolescents in Hawaii. Hawaii Med J (December) 62:272-276.

2003 Hla MM, R Novotny, EC Kieffer, J Mor, M Thiele. Early weaning among Japanese women in Hawaii. J Biosocial Science 35;227-241.

2003 Novotny R. C Boushey, MA Bock, L Peck, G Auld, CM Bruhn, D Gustafson, K Gabel, JK Jensen, S Misner, M Read. Calcium Intake of Asian, Hispanic and White Youth J Am Coll Nutr 22(1):64-70.

2002 Auld G, C Boushey, MA Bock, C Bruhn, K Gabel, D Gustafson, B Holmes, R Novotny, L Peck, S Pelican, D Pond-Smith, M Read, S Misner. Perspectives on intake of calcium rich foods among Asian, Hispanic, and white preadolescent and adolescent females J Nutr Ed Behavior 34:242-251.

2002 Read M, R Novotny, G Auld , MA Bock, C Bruhn, K Gabel, D Gustafson, B Holmes, S. Misner, S Pelican, D Pond-Smith, Age Differences in Milk Consumption as a Snack and by Eating Occasion Topics in Clinical Nutrition 17:4 In press.

2002 Auld G, C Boushey, MA Bock, C Bruhn, K Gabel, D Gustafson, B Holmes, R Novotny, L Peck, S Pelican, D Pond-Smith, M Read, S Misner. Perspectives on intake of calcium rich foods among Asian, Hispanic, and white preadolescent and adolescent females. J Nutr Ed Behavior In press.

2002 Hla MM, R Novotny, EC Kieffer, J Mor, M Thiele. Early Weaning among Japanese women in Hawaii. J Biosocial Science. In press.

2001 Dooley, DA, R Novotny, J Derrickson. Wheel of Nutrition game: Development, testing, and application. J Nutr Ed. 33(3):175-176.

2000 Maskarinec G, R Novotny, K Tasaki. Dietary Patterns and Body Mass index in a Multi-ethnic Population. J Nutr. 130(12):3068-3072.

2000 Novotny R, MM Hla, EC Kieffer, C-B Park, J Mor, M Thiele. Breastfeeding duration in a multiethnic population in Hawaii. Birth 2000:27(2):91-96.

2000 Novotny R, Davis J, Wasnich R, Biernacke I, Onaka A. Pelvic size, measured by dual energy absorptiometry, predicts infant birth weight. Am J Hum Bio 12:552-557.

1999 Davis JW, R Novotny, R Wasnich, PD Ross. Ethnic, anthropometric and lifestyle associations with regional variations in peak bone mass. Calcified Tissue International 65(2):100-105.

1999 Novotny R, J-S Han, I Biernacke. Motivators and Barriers to Consuming Calcium-rich Foods among Asian Adolescents in Hawaii. J Nutr Ed. 31(2):99-104.