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Impact Stories

The Farmer on the Garden Isle
Roy Oyama finds farming relaxing, he recently commented. Maybe, compared with his other ag-related achievements and activities, it is.
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A Honey of a Project
Maui’s lacking something the other islands have—and that’s a good thing. The destructive honeybee pest the varroa mite has not infested the bees there, creating important opportunities for research and outreach.
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By and For the Community
The Urban Garden Center (UGC), an expansive 30-acre site in Pearl City, serves as a one-stop outreach educational center where the public can get help and inspiration for home gardens through school tours, workshops, and demonstrations. Techniques showcased include home-garden irrigation solutions, xeriscaping, grafting, and companion planting.
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All in the Family
The Hawaii Association for Family & Community Education (Hawaii FCE) offers something for everyone.
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