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Impact Stories

The Drink of Peace
If a tempest can be found in a teacup, then H.C. “Skip” Bittenbender is looking for the opposite in an ‘apu, or ‘awa cup. ‘Awa, or kava, is a medicinal plant that has been used for hundreds of years throughout the Pacific to create a drink that can soothe nerves, combat anxiety, and relieve pain, all while keeping the mind clear. ‘Awa’s unique
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The New Natural
Everyone’s heard of organic, but what about Natural? Natural Farming is a constellation of simple, sustainable techniques that’s sweeping the Islands, thanks in large part to Mike DuPonte, an Extension agent based at the Big Island’s Komohana Station.
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The Roots of Healing
Leina‘ala Bright has spent much of her life cultivating her ability to communicate with her ancestors through prayer, dreams, meditation, and connecting to her na‘au (instinctual learning).
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A Living and Learning Tool for Teens
Teenagers today face a multitude of challenges in an increasingly complex world, but Thao Le has a powerful tool for them: awareness and insight into their own minds.
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Fired Up About Data Mapping
Listen to Clay Trauernicht discuss his passion, and you’ll realize you haven’t been paying enough attention to wildfires in Hawai‘i.
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Social (Media) Butterflies
Forget putting up paper flyers for lost valuables—entomologists William Haines and Daniel Rubinoff are using Facebook and smartphone apps to search for and recover an even more prized quarry.
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What’s great about Extension work is it extends both ways. One recent example of this synergy was the discovery and mapping of a new coffee pest, an emaravirus that potentially makes coffee cherries unmarketable.
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Urban Re-Leaf
Sometimes it’s the next generation of thinkers and learners that is best equipped to deploy the next generation of technology.
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