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Plant Licensing: The Development of University of Hawai‘i–Grower Collaborations   
An Introduction to Natural Farming Poultry Production in Hawai‘i, the Wave of the Future   
Bana Grass (Pennisetum purpureum): A possible forage for ruminants in Hawai‘i   

Taro Varieties in Hawaii

Ulaula Moano
Ulaula Moano, Ieie, Iaia
The information in this online catalog is extracted from the book titled "Taro Varieties in Hawaii." First published in 1939, it contains detailed descriptions of 84 varieties of taro then found in Hawaii.

Other Information Sources

Ask the Experts

This collection of questions and answers on topics in CTAHR’s areas of expertise can be searched by crop or key word to find information on plants, farming, gardening, and more.

Publications Bibliographies

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Knowledge Master

This compendium of information on pests of Hawaii’s crops and homes includes insects and other pests as well as plant disease organisms.

Farmer’s Bookshelf

This on-line library of tropical crops contains information on growing some of Hawaii’s commercial fruit, vegetable, and ornamental crops, as well as home garden vegetables.

Hawaii Native Plant Propagation Database

This is a compilation-in-progress of information on Hawaii’s native plants, being created as a thesis project by Eileen Herring, a CTAHR Dept. of Tropical Plant and Soil Science graduate student and UH Manoa science reference librarian.