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Dr. Linda J. Cox
Community Economic Development Specialist

The Keiki Kuleana

The Keiki KuleanaTo build self-reliance, children must learn to make the most of what they have. The Keiki Kuleana program helps stimulate entrepreneurship and bring economic literacy to Hawaii’s children. There are several workshops that can be created from this program, depending on the professional and the desires of the professional. In addition, the materials that stem from these workshops can be used as an educational supplement to any formal or non-formal instructional program.

Mini-Society is an experience-based system to teach 8–12-year-olds about entrepreneurship. Developed by Dr. Marilyn Kourilsky, Mini-Society is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education. This 20 hour workshop will certify someone as a Mini-Society group leader. A group leader facilitates and advises a group of children to make a Mini-Society, which is a community that holds town councils to make community decisions about resources, designing a currency and flag, as well as starting their own business.

The Keiki Kuleana has other methods to teach entrepreneurial skills to young adults. Explore Economics is an activity book for children to explore the ways that economics is involved in their everyday lives. The Keiki Kuleana Learning Library is a set of five books that are more in-depth workbooks for developing entrepreneurial skills.

There is another publication designed for parents to teach their children entrepreneurial skills, called Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children. This includes activities to do with your children that will validate their unique talents, skills, and creativity, effectively increasing their self-confidence and self-worth. They are also nice ways to connect with your keiki and help them understand some of the economic decisions that you make everyday.

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