Research Activities

Dr. Travis Idol

Forestry Research

Koa Productivity

Environmental Controls Over Acacia koa Productivity. Granting Agency: U.S. Forest Service, Cooperative Agreement. Project period: May 2003-March 2005

Koa Silviculture

Silviculture of Regenerating Koa Forests. Granting Agencies: USDA, McIntire-Stennis and Tropical-Subtropical Agriculture Research Programs. Project period: Oct. 2003-Sep. 2008

Forest Health Assessment

Monitoring of Forest Health in Hawaii. Granting Agencies: US Forest Service, Forest Health Monitoring Program. Project period: Oct. 2003-Dec. 2009

Agroforestry Research

Restoration Agroforestry

Controlling Invasive Species with Novel Agroforestry Systems Utilizing Native Plants. Granting Agency: USDA, Tropical-Subtropical Agriculture Research Program. Project period: Oct. 2004-Sep. 2008. Palapalai for lei making

Restoration of Hawaii's forests requires tremendous expenditure of man-hours and plant materials. Governments and large conservation organizations may have the resources and dedication to accomplish this. Community groups, however, rarely have the ability to do more than pull weeds and attempt to stop the spread of invasive species. Our objective is to develop sustainable agroforestry systems using native plants.

Shade Coffee Analysis

Development of Shade Coffee Agroecosystems In Hawaii. Granting Agency: USDA, Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research. Project period: Oct 2003-Oct 2006

Agroforestry C Sequestration
Agroforestry systems have a much greater inherent C sequestration potential than agronomic systems without trees. Increased plant, litter, and soil C can be sequestered in components with short to long turnover times. This may be enhanced through the incorporation of N-fixing trees, since soil organic matter has a highly conserved C:N ratio. Optimizing crop productivity with C sequestration requires the appropriate selection of crop and tree species and management practices.

Kona Shade Coffee Evaluation. Granting Agencies: USDA, NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant Program;

Constructed Wetland

Design of a Constructed Wetland to Treat Urban Stormwater Runoff. Granting Agency: EPA, P3 (People, Prosperity, Planet). Project period: Sept 2007-May 2008