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PingSun Leung
Current Grant-Funded Research Projects

  • P.S. Leung, Run Yu and Steve Railsback, National Science Foundation, 8/15/09-7/31/11. $287,437. “An exploratory application of agent-based modeling for policy evaluations in Hawaii’s longline fishery.”

    P.S. Leung, Run Yu and M. Loke, NOAA – Hawaii Seafood Program, 6/01/09-12/31/11, $142,025. “Evaluating marketing channel and food safety of fish and seafood products in Hawaii.”

  • M. Loke, P.S. Leung and Run Yu, FSMIP/USDA, 10/1/09-8/31/11, $41,500. “The competitive and comparative advantages of Hawaii’s agricultural exports to the Japan market.”

  • P.S. Leung and Minling Pan, NOAA - Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, 7/1/09-9/30/11, $184,143. “Contribution, linkages and impacts of the fisheries sector to the economies of Hawaii and other U.S.-affiliated Pacific islands: An extended input-output analysis.”

  • P.S. Leung and R. Yu, Competitive and comparative advantage of Hawaii’s agricultural products, 2009-2013, $37,908, ARS-USDA.

  • P.S. Leung, S. Nakamoto, K. Burnett and D. Lee, Economic analysis of little fire ant risk in Hawaii, 2010-2012, $117,603, TSTAR-USDA.

  • P.S. Leung, S. Arita and S. Allen, The role of social networks on fishermen economic performance in Hawaii’s longline fishery, 2011-2012, $223,479, NOAA-Pelagic Fisheries Research Program.

  • P.S. Leung, S. Arita, An Empirical Investigation of Increased Food Localization under Producer Heterogeneity: The Case of Hawaii, 2011-2013, $279,464, NIFA, USDA.

  • P.S. Leung, S. Arita and C. Tamaru, USDA, CTSA. 09/01/11-12/31/13, $58,275. “Assessing Hawaii’s Aquaculture Farm and Industry Performance.”

  • P.S. Leung, H. Ako, C. Tamaru and B. Fox, USDA, CTSA. 10/01/12-09/30/14, $84,608. “Economic Analyses of Aquaponic Systems in Hawaii and Guam.”


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