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Nutrition and Food Safety

Many community health concerns can be linked to diet, physical activity and safe handling of foods. CTAHR faculty promote healthy food choices, good nutrition, and safe handling of food from farm to fork.

Practical educational programs enhance the skills of children, youth, seniors, families and community agencies to adopt healthy lifestyles. Workshops, trainings, resources and technical assistance are based on the latest research, including Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Food Guide Pyramid and My Pyramid food guidance systems and food safety recommendations from USDA and FDA.

Individuals and agencies can access useful information, activities and references.

Foods & Nutrition

NEW logoNutrition Education for Wellness (NEW) – a statewide program that promotes nutrition and food safety education for the well-being of families and communities.


Nutrition Integrity logoNutrition Integrity & Eating Well – A variety of workshops and trainings for worksites, agencies and community groups to provide food based learning experiences to encourage healthy eating.


EFNEP logoExpanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) - A statewide project which offers group consumer nutrition lifeskills education for low-income families with young children, contact: 244-0176 (Maui), 956-4123 (Oahu), or email:

Food Safety

Consumer Food Safety logoConsumer Food Safety - This site provides food safety information and resources for Hawaii’s consumers and families. Find timely information on safe food handling at home and at community events, food storage, and foodborne illness.

Germ City logoGerm City: Healthy Hands and Healthy People – A hand washing education program delivered through schools (grades K-8), community festivals, and fairs to enhance awareness of the importance of handwashing for food safety, personal health and disease prevention.

Keep It Safe and Successful logoKeep It Safe and Successful (KISS) – a training program on basic food safety principles and guidelines to keep food safe for a large group of people. Designed for staff and volunteers involved in school, church or community food events or fundraisers.

Food Safe Schools logoFood Safe Schools – a program to assist schools in developing policies and plans to ensure the safety of all foods available at schools. Food safety support and training is available for school staff.


Health and Safety at Animal Exhibits – planning and educational resources to reduce the potential for illness at animal exhibits and petting zoos.

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