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Diabetes Awareness, Education, and Screening Project
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On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease, and having diabetes puts you at high risk for other problems, like blindness, kidney damage, heart disease, amputations and more.

But this doesn't have to happen.

You need to know how well your diabetes care is working. You need to know when to take action. Five important tests that you and your health care team can do are like smoke alarms in your house — if they detect danger, they warn you that you need to take action.

These five tests can give you the long view of your diabetes care. Acting on the results can lower your risk for serious problems in the future.

These five important diabetes tests are:

  1. A1c test
  2. Blood Pressure check
  3. Microalbumin test
  4. LDL Cholesterol test
  5. Eye Exam
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