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   Wayne Iwaoka

   Naomi Kanehiro

   Laura Kawamura

   Lynn Nakamura-Tengan

   Claire Nakatsuka

   Julia Zee


FSHN 381: Experimental Foods
Product Development of a Meatless Patty
Fall, 2007

Students created a meatless patty using a grain or legume as the main ingredient. The patty could not have wheat, dairy, or egg products, but needed to be acceptable in taste and texture for an older adult. Seniors living in senior residential facilities participated in taste-testing the patties. Students prepared presentations and provided background information of their grain or legume, development of the patty, and presented the final product with nutrient analysis. Students gauged if seniors found the patty to be acceptable through sensory evaluation forms.

Each group had the following ingredients for the patty:

Possible binders: (use minimum of 3 binding agents) Possible bulking agents (one per group) Spices: Other ingredients:
Potato flour
Garbanzo beans
Garlic powder
Potato starch
Buckwheat groats
Corn starch
Salt & pepper
Whole corn flour
Pinto beans
Soy flour
Short grain brown rice
Soy sauce
Guar gum
Chickpea flour
Split peas
  Green lentils    



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