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Good Grinding for Wise Dining: Recipes

Table of Contents

Equipment List

Recipes and Handouts

Bean Salad, Bean Salad Handout
Bean Salad Spread, Bean Salad Spread Handout
Burritos, Burritos Handout
Chop Suey, Chop Suey Handout
Creamy Fruit/Vegetable Salad, Creamy Fruit/Vegetable Salad Handout
Fried Rice, Fried Rice Handout
Gon Lo Mein, Gon Lo Mein Handout
Granola, Granola Handout
Leafy Tofu, Leafy Tofu Handout
Peanut Butter Log, Peanut Butter Log Handout
Pina Colada Sauce, Pina Colada Sauce Handout
Potato, Potato Handout
Pumpkin Shortbread, Pumpkin Shortbread Handout
Quesadilla, Quesadilla Handout
Salsa, Salsa Handout
Scrambled Tofu, Scrambled Tofu Handout
Skillet Fruit, Skillet Fruit Handout
Somen Salad, Somen Salad Handout
Thousand Island Dressing, Thousand Island Dressing Handout
Tuna Sunshine Mix, Tuna Sunshine Mix Handout
Trail Mix, Trail Mix Handout
Tuna Dip, Tuna Dip Handout
Tuna Tofu Salad, Tuna Tofu Salad Handout
Vegetable Namul, Vegetable Namul Handout

For more healthful recipes, see our Food Skills Cookbook.



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