Keola Says Hi!

Hi! My name is Keola! Welcome to the Na Mea`ai o Hawai`i site on Foods of Hawai`i. You will be introduced to the various protective foods eaten in early Hawai`i as well as the foods eaten today. After you go through this site, you should be able to pick out the protective foods from a Hawaiian plate.

Now, before we can do this, I need your help. As you "surf" through this Web site, I need you to collect letters to spell the word "Hawai`i." You will be presented a letter as you go through the site, so watch for those letters! Each letter stands for the following:

"" stands for "ow much do I already know about the foods of Hawai`i?" We will do this by first taking a Pre-Evaluation.

"" will allow you to answer the question "re Vitamin A and C important nutrients in Protective foods?"

"" asks you to find out "hat were the Protective foods eaten in early Hawai`i?"

"" stands for "re there other protective foods that we eat today?"

"" is critical in having you to "nvestigate a Hawaiian plate and determine the Protective foods."

"" is the final question to ask yourself "s there something in the Web site that I did not understand?"

So let's begin to take our journey through "" by clicking the "pre-evaluation" link at the bottom of the page. Once you complete this pre-evaluation, you will earn your first letter!

Good Luck and Happy Surfing!


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University of Hawai`i · College of Tropical Agriculure & Human Resources · Cooperative Extension Service · Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program · Department of Education · Hawaiian Studies Program · 2004