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Collaborative Group Nutrition Education Series- [1 page; 22 KB]
Brief summary of the NEW program and a list of available lesson packages.

Basic Lesson Package: FOOD AND MONEY BASICS

Safe Food Handling [6 pages; 1618 KB]
Here are some tips on handling and storing your foods safely.

A Food Guide- Foods for Wellness: Choices for Healthy Eating [6 pages; 492 KB]
Take a closer look at MyPlate.

Spending Less, Eating Better [6 pages; 812 KB]
Learn how to eat healthier foods while stretching your dollar.

Let's Get Moving [6 pages-including insert, 1495 KB]
Getting exercise with fun activities while still staying safe.

Rethink Your Drink [4 pages; 414 KB]
Taking a look at our beverage choices and why water is the best.

Mirrors/"I Won"/Goal Setting Part I [4 pages; 391 KB]
Evaluating our personal values and learning how to achieve your goals.

Balancing Act [4 pages; 296 KB]
Use this activity booklet to help you make the best use of your available resources to achieve your goals.

Plus examples of physical movement to encourage activity.

Additional Lessons Available Include:

Meal Planning [6 pages - including insert; 276 KB]

Winning Ways in the Kitchen [4 pages; 214 KB]

Microwave Cooking [4 pages; 167 KB]
An information guide to cooking with the microwave oven.

Food Keeper [12 pages; 105 KB]
A Consumer Guide to Food Quality and Safe Handling.

Making Healthy Choices [6 pages; 108 KB]

Vegetables and Fruits [4 pages; 264 KB]
A basic guide to preparing and storing vegetables and fruits.

Herbs [4 pages; 113 KB]
A basic guide to herbs, which includes a few herb recipes.

 Additional Curriculum Resources

Kitchen Safety [4 pages; 425 KB]

Buy Local It Matters Seasonality [4 pages; 296 KB]

"Produce" Snacks[4 pages; 92 KB]

Be Safe [4 pages; 93 KB]

Family Time in the Kitchen [4 pages; 207 KB]

Meals in Minutes [4 pages; 135 KB]

Sauces, Dips & Dressings [4 pages; 102 KB]

A Day of Beverages Worksheet [1 page; 66 KB]

A Day of Beverages Worksheet (adult) [1 pages; 68 KB]

Let's Get Moving [6 pages - including insert; 1519 KB]

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