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Engaged Instruction


   Wayne Iwaoka

   Naomi Kanehiro

   Laura Kawamura

   Lynn Nakamura-Tengan

   Claire Nakatsuka

   Julia Zee


Food Science and Human Nutrition 381
Experimental Foods

Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in Wayne Iwaoka's FSHN 381, Experimental Foods class. Assignments are given to challenge students' ability to create innovative food products. The collaborations among the Class, Extension, and companies in the Food Industry allow experiential applications of real world challenges.

Fall, 2010
    - High Fiber Muffins
    - Development of Fruit/Veggie Patty
    - Development of new & Innovative Dairy Products
Fall, 2009
    - "High Fiber, Low Fat" Scone
    - Development of Legume based Veggie Patty
- Product Development of Innovative Dairy Products
Fall, 2008
- High Fiber Cookie Development
- Development of a Grain and Legume based Tuna Patty
- Product Development of New and Innovative Dairy Desserts
Fall, 2007 - Meatless Patty Product Development

Fall, 2006 - Dairy Food Product Development

*Presentations and recipes were developed by FSHN 381 students. NEW does not warrant the views, opinions, accuracy, content or completeness of the information including text or graphics, companies or products used or referenced, or other items that may be included in the product development, presentations and recipes.



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Engaged Instruction
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Phone: (808) 956-4124
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