Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix). Kaffir lime is from Southeast Asia and popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is a small, slow growing tree with dark green leaves and thorns. The fruits are rough skinned and the leaves are winged. The leaves and sometimes the peel and juice of the fruit are used for the lemon flavor.

Soil Management
Will grow in a wide range of soils, prefers well drained fertile soil.

The tree will grow between 6-30 feet but because it is slow growing, it can be kept in containers. If pruned, it can be planted in the ground and kept small. Graft scions onto disease resistant rootstock if possible. Plants grown from seed are thorny.

Moderate moisture is needed.

Insect & Disease Control
Pests include whiteflies, aphids, scales, and the citrus leafminer.

Cut the young to newly mature leaves as needed. Leaves can also be frozen or dried.