Lemon Grass

Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) The plant is a perennial grass grown in clumps with long, narrow leaves 2-3 feet long. The West-Indian lemon grass originated from Malaysia and is popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesian cooking. It has a swollen leaf base and the hard outer leaves are removed and the tender white part is crushed or finely chopped and used in Southeast Asian cooking.

Soil Management
Prefers fertile, well drained soil.

Plant in full sunlight to light shade. Small clumps are planted or stalks without roots can sometimes be rooted in a jar of water then planted.

Regular irrigation.

Insect & Disease Control
Minor pests include aphids and a rust fungus.

Cut stalks with swollen bases as needed. The bottom, tender white portion of the stem is crushed, ground, slivered or chopped. The leaves are used in teas and as a bouquet garni.