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The instructional activities are grouped around universal themes/concepts, applied to the context of food and sustainability. These themes are:

  • Interdependence
  • Unity and Diversity
  • Wellness - Nutrition
  • Wellness - Mental Health
  • Safety
  • Service and Stewardship
  • Sustainability

The activities provide hands on, authentic experiences for the students. The experiences are, in most cases, applications within a microcosm or subsystem readily recognized by the students. Teachers are encouraged to have students pursue their interest in the themes more in-depth or in other context where they can extrapolate what they have learned. For example, one of the activities has students identify "-cides" in their immediate invironment. More in-depth learning can be facilitated in a biological science or chemistry class. Similarly, intrested students may want to conduct research on the worldwide use if "-cides" and the current/future impact on the government.

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