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The following RESOURCES\ have been developed locally by NUTRITION EDUCATION FOR WELLNESS\ projects. These resources reflect our strategies to convey messages needed to build skills and change behaviors.

You are welcome to download any materials that may be of interest and use for your food education endeavors. 

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Curriculum & Teaching Materials

Nutrition Education for Wellness (NEW) Curriculum Materials


Grow Your Own
grow your own

A beginners guide to basic horticultural techniques to increase access to a fresh, inexpensive, healthy food source through backyard/ lanai gardening for home based food production.


Health Kids Club Manual
(152 pages; 38.1 MB)

health kids clubInteractive activities that can be used with children 5th grade and older to help promote healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors.

Webinar Training Series


Learn From Lunch
(361 pages; 16.90 MB)

learn from lunchActivities that actively integrate classroom teaching with school lunch.


Summer Feeding

summer feedingEnhancement activities that focus on food safety and fruits & veggies for Hawaii's youth.

Download now! (27 pages; 5.3 MB) Updated on 06/28/2010


Na Mea`ai O Hawai`i

No Mea`ai O Hawai`iA Foods of Hawaii (FOH) program consisting of 14 lessons on the concepts and objectives of food wheels based on three food grouping systems- Energy Foods, Body Building Foods, and Protective Foods. It analyzes Early Hawaiian Foods and Foods eaten Today.

A Web-based, multimedia instructional design project to increase 4th through 6th grade students' awareness of protective foods of Hawai`i.


Food Skills Cookbook

Download now! (Single-Sided 142 pages; 1.81 MB) Updated on 2/2014

Download now! (Double-Sided 151 pages; 14.3 MB) Updated on 2/2014


Demonstration Recipes

demonstration recipes


Leave It Then Eat It -
Slow-cooked Island Recipes

leave it then eat itDownload now! (Single-Sided 67 pages; 3.5 MB) Updated on 2/2014

Download now! (Double-Sided 82 pages; 3.48 MB) Updated on 2/2014


Food from Pantry to Table Cookbook

food from pantry to table cookbook

Download now! (70 pages, 678 KB) Updated on March 17, 2014


A Heritage of Taste for Health Cookbook

a heritage of taste for health cookbook

Download now! (4.1 MB) Updated on October 26, 2009


Cultural Cuisine Handouts

cultural cuisine handouts


New Hampshire
Fruit and Veggie Quantity Cookbook

new hampshire fruit and veggie quantity cookbookThe Fruit and Veggie Quantity Recipe Cookbook is a revision of the 2003 5 A Day Quantity Recipe Cookbook. All the recipes in this cookbook have been modified to meet the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® recipe criteria. Out of the 40 recipes from the original cookbook, 30 met the new criteria.


Nutrient Analyzed 16-Day
Lunch Menu for Preschoolers

nutrient analyzed 16-day lunch menu for preschoolers


Nutrient Analyzed 14-Day Cycle
Lunch Menu for Seniors

Nutrient Analyzed 14-Day Cycle Lunch Menu for Seniors

Other Resources

MyPlate Resources

myplate resources

Tip Sheets


A Food Guide


Nutrition Education for Wellness Newslettersnewsletters


LIFE-II Poster Board Materials

life2 poster board materialsExpanded Food and Nutrition Education Program & Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education


Walk A Mile Maps

walk a mile maps


It All Starts With Agriculture
Matching Game

it all starts with agricultrue matching game


Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
Matching Card Game

fresh fruit & vegetable program matching card game


2019 Healthy
Happy New Year
Handout (PDF)

Hawaii Foods Website


GRUB FlyerGRUB Flyer

*Print in landscape format


Cultural CompetenceCutural Competence

Tools and resources for those working
with Pacific Island cultures.


Rethink Your Drink Resources
Rethink Your Drink Resources

14X11 Poster
17X11 Poster
48X32 Poster
A Day of Beverages Worksheet
A Day of Beverages Worksheet (adult)


MyPlate Resources
MyPlate Resources

14X11 Poster
17X11 Poster
48X32 Poster


Wash Your Hands Resources
wash hands

8X11 Poster

Healthy Food Donation Ideas
Healthy Food Donation Ideas

PDF File

Seasonality Poster
Seasonality Poster

PDF File

Prevent Rat Lungworm Disease Rat Lungworm Disease Flyer

PDF File

Safe Produce: Keep It Clean safe produce: keep it clean


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