Brocolli Trial

Growers and researchers visit brocolli variety trial in Waimanalo.

Farmer Field Trial

Grower Gerry Ross evaluating corn growth in a compost tea trial, Maui.

Farmer Field Trial

Farm worker sprays compost tea on Pakchoi crop in South Kona.

Farmer Field Trial

Harvesting potatoes in compost tea trial on Maui.

Perennial Peanut Field Trial

Perenial peanut field day in Waimanalo.

Farmer Field Trial

O'ahu grower stands in his eggplant variety and fertilizer trial.

Chile Pepper Field Trial

Chile pepper variety trial on Molokai.


Field Trials and Workshops

On- farm and field trials under Hawaii’s varied conditions are critical to understanding how management strategies are best designed for local producers. Trials, field days and workshops are conducted statewide to highlight ecological strategies adapted to local conditions.

For more information relevant to Hawaii's growing conditions see:

Producer Workshops

Examples of Past Workshops

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association Meeting

Local Immigrant Farm Education (LIFE) Program: Organic Farming: Is it For You?

The Hawaii DOA, UH-CTAHR, and The Pacific Gateway Center held a workshop for immigrant farmers on February 18, 2010.

Maui Visiting Farm Workers

Presentation: Organic Growing: Is it for me? Challenges and Opportunities facing Organic Growers (PDF 2.73 MB)