Professional Development Workshops

Dr. Radovich at Ag Awareness Day 2010

Our lab provides and supports training opportunities to support agricultural professionals statewide, allowing us to better meet the needs of Hawaii's farming community.

We actively collaborate with CTAHR's Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Science, to provide relevant science-based information for food and health professionals about food and nutrition.

We support Hawaii's teaching community via CTAHR in the Schools. Our students are the next generation of food producers, consumers, policy makers and voters. Through their education, we have the opportunity to profoundly shape the future of agriculture.

Events for CES, NRCS and Agricultural Professionals

Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator: Hawai'i

Protecting Beneficials in Hawai‘i and the American Pacific

CTAHR/USDA Extension & Research Update

Examples of Past Workshops

Information and Events for Food and Health professionals