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Extramural Grant Projects

Extramural awards (as opposed to Intramural awards in which the funding decisions are made within CTAHR) include research or non-research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from federal, private, foreign and other outside sources. This database includes all CTAHR awards that were processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS) and can be sorted by Title, PI, and/or Amount by clicking on the headers. Awards which are not processed through ORS, such as formula funds (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Smith-Lever), are not included in this database. The awards are reported by “Awarded Date” and multiyear awards are listed according to the dates that the funds were received by ORS (either all during the first year or divided annually over the award period).

Additional information describing individual USDA grants in greater detail can be found by searching the following USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. For information on writing and submitting grants, go to the employee's page.

CTAHR has received the following awards since 2005.

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Project TitleFunding AgencyAwarded DateInvestigatorAmount
Hawaii-Iraq Partnership for Revitalizing Kurdistan Agricultural Higher Education and Development (KAHEAD)Kurdistan Regional Government3/6/2008El-Swaify, Samir$1,691,516
4-H Navy Youth Development Partnership ProjectAgriculture, Dept - FED11/19/2008Chong, Joan$714,836
Characterization of Hazardous SubstancesHealth, Dept - Hazard Eval & Emergency Response-HI6/4/2008Uchida, Raymond S$537,976
Memorandum of Agreement Relating to Quality Care for Home-Based and Center-Based Child Care ProvidersHuman Services, Dept - HI7/3/2008Fong, Grace$517,022
Development of High Yield, Tropical Feedstocks for BioenergyEnergy, Dept - FED9/23/2008Hashimoto, Andrew$492,000
Mainstream Ethnic Foods of Concern to the US Marketplace and Their Impact on Food SafetyAgriculture, Dept - FED7/21/2008Saulo, Aurora$487,619
Design and Evaluation of Precision Vegetative Buffer Strips as Sustainable Conservation Management Practice to Control Non-Point Source Pollution inAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/25/2008Fares, Ali$475,000
Varroa Mite Surveillance and Control in Hawaii to Prevent Spread of the Pest on Honey Bees on the Island of Oahu to Honey Bees StatewideAgriculture, Dept - HI6/25/2008Wright, Mark$468,024
Learning to Grow 2008-2009Human Services, Dept - HI7/10/2008Fong, Grace$450,910
Hawaiian Home Land Agriculture Education ProgramHawaiian Home Lands, Dept - HI1/28/2008Nishijima, Wayne$450,486
Anammox Activity and Nitrogen Dynamics in Flooded Taro Soils of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED8/14/2008Deenik, Jonathan$397,000
Quantifying Transgene Flow in PapayaAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/25/2008Manshardt, Richard$375,000
Agricultural Development in the American Pacific (ADAP), Year 21, FY2008Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/21/2008Yuen, Sylvia$348,543
Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research (T-STAR) for Hawaii: Management 2008Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/24/2008Vincent, Douglas$335,453
State Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant EvaluationHealth, Dept - HI7/1/2008Yuan, Sarah$299,980
AHEED: Albania/Hawaii Higher Education and Economic Development Project: Increasing Institutional Capacity in Agricultural EconomicsAmerican Council on Education9/2/2008Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine$299,954
Extension Outreach and Assistance in Improved Pasture and Livestock Management Practices for Pacific IslandersAgriculture, Dept - FED12/12/2008Thorne, Mark$297,224
Producing Mimosine-free Leucaena leucocephala Through Metabolic Pathway EngineeringNational Science Foundation8/1/2008Borthakur, Dulal$272,132
Functional Genomics of Maize CentromeresGeorgia, University of1/11/2008Presting, Gernot$259,609
Evaluating Cover Crop Effects on Soil Quality, Insect Population Dynamics, and Economic Return for Diversified Farms in HawaiiOahu Resource Conservation and Development1/23/2008Deenik, Jonathan$251,445
Hawaii Floriculture Research Grant - 2008Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/22/2008Vincent, Douglas$241,683
Services to Evaluate and Monitor Substance Abuse Service Outcomes and Process Evaluation Activities of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division Funded…Health, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI8/13/2008Kim, Ji-Yeon$234,283
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED10/3/2008Vincent, Douglas$233,316
Functional Genomics of Maize CentromeresGeorgia, University of11/19/2008Presting, Gernot$226,229
Minor Crops Pest and Disease ControlAgriculture, Dept - FED9/17/2008Vincent, Douglas$221,593
Building Capacity Within the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources to Provide Applied Research Services in Weed ManagementAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/25/2008Leary, James$209,556
UHM-Collaborative Effort for Evaluating Regionally Based Feedstock and Co-Products for Aquaculture and LivestockAgriculture, Dept - FED10/8/2008Grace, Jack$200,353
Exploration, Genetic Characterization, and Host Range Testing of Parasitoids for Biocontrol of the Erythrina Gall Wasp, Quadrastichus erythrinae KimAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/25/2008Wright, Mark$191,144
Biology and Control of the Formosan Subterranean TermiteAgriculture, Dept - FED6/16/2008Grace, Jack$186,450
Environmental Effects of Tephritid Fruit Fly Control and EradicationAgriculture, Dept - FED10/2/2008Hu, Ching$179,632
Relating to the Evaluation of the UPLINK Program Human Services, Dept - HI10/8/2008Yuen, Sylvia$177,760
Data Collection and Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention ServicesHealth, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI9/10/2008Fong, Grace$172,419
Longevity Foods, Sirt Activation and Diabetic DyslipidemiaHealth & Human Svc, Dept - Natl Inst of Health (NIH)6/27/2008Nerurkar, Pratibha$169,540
TPSS Critical Research Needs: Sustainable Farming Systems in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/12/2008Paull, Robert$158,841
Agriculture Diversification: Hawaii Tropical Specialty Fruit Research and Development - 2008Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/5/2008Vincent, Douglas$151,863
Luteal and Endometrial LH Receptor Function Modulated by PGE1, PGE2, PGF2a, LH, and EstrogenAgriculture, Dept - FED8/8/2008Weems, Charles$151,124
A Risk Management Training Program for Underserved Southeast Asian Growers of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED10/14/2008Sugano, Jari$147,666
Development of Waste Stream Handling SystemsAgriculture, Dept - HI8/18/2008Keyser, Harold$144,403
Ralstonia Solanacearum Race 3 biovar 2: Detection, Exclusion, and Analysis of a Select Agent PathogenWisconsin Madison, University of1/16/2008Alvarez, Anne$139,840
Area-Wide Pest Management Tephritid Flies that Infest Hawaii-Grown Fruits and VegetablesAgriculture, Dept - FED4/3/2008Mau, Ronald$139,134
Development of Unique Molecular Markers for Rapid Identification of Potentially Invesive Weeds in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/24/2008Wieczorek, Anna$136,992
An Integrated Approach for Efficient Production of Plant-derived AntibodiesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/25/2008Su, Wei-Wen$135,416
An Experimental Test of the Impacts of Rising Temperature on Carbon Input, Allocation, and Loss in Model ForestsNational Science Foundation8/11/2008Litton, Creighton$134,980
Molecular Identification and Characterization of Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp. koae, the Causal Agent of Koa Wilt in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/24/2008Uchida, Janice$134,754
UH - CES Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program Human Services, Dept - HI10/31/2008Kanehiro, Naomi$133,920
Construction of a Molecular Cytogenetic Map of Papaya ChromosomesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/8/2008Paull, Robert$129,986
Coqui Frog Community Education/Outreach/Applied ResearchCounty of Hawaii3/13/2008Hara, Arnold$125,000
Evaluation of Flash Flood Prediction Models for Small Watersheds in Tropical IslandsCommerce, Dept/NOAA - Natl Weather Service8/19/2008Fares, Ali$124,999
Detection, Control and Mitigation of Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) and Citrus Tristeza (CTV) Virus in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED10/1/2008Vincent, Douglas$120,525
Green & Healthy Hawaii: Identifying & Introducing Alternative Ornamental Landscape Plants in Response to Invasive Species IssuesLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI9/22/2008Kaufman, Andrew$120,516
Studies on Risk Assessment of Hazardous Substances by OmicsRural Development Admin (Korea)6/12/2008Li, Qingxiao$120,000
A DNA Barcode Database for Invasive and Native Plant Species Identification in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED8/4/2008Presting, Gernot$114,536
Beyond the Tropical and the Quaint: People's Psychophysiological Responses to the Urban ForestAgriculture, Dept - Natl Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Cncl-FED11/7/2008Kaufman, Andrew$112,577
Survival, Recovery, and Quantification of Target Pathogenic Bacteria in Pineapple, Guava, and Orange JuicesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/4/2008Li, Yong$108,326
Development of Efficient Vegetation Management Techniques within Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park for Cultural Resource UtilizationInterior, Dept - National Park Service8/29/2008Leary, James$104,400
Decision Support Systems to Identify and Prioritize Pest Management Needs for Turfgrass, Cucurbits and Potted OrchidsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/29/2008Kawate, Michael$99,750
Effective Strategies for Sustainable Vanilla Production in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/24/2008Uchida, Janice$95,530
Molecular Characterization of Disease Resistance Loci to Phytophthora in Carica PapayaAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/12/2008Nishijima, Wayne$90,498
Vegetation Phenology and Vegetation Index Products from Multiple Missions and Satellite SensorsArizona, University of11/24/2008Miura, Tomoaki$82,025
Hawaii Diabetes Detection and Prevention ProjectAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED6/19/2008Zee, Julia$77,406
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED7/1/2008Vincent, Douglas$75,900
Joint Family Support Assistance Program Operation Military KidsKansas State University5/30/2008Nakatsuka, Claire$75,000
Nutrition Consultation and ReviewHuman Services, Dept - HI7/16/2008Kanehiro, Naomi$75,000
Rehabilitating Ex-urea and Ex-nematicide Addicts: Demonstrating How a Green Manure/solarization System Can Be Used to Improve Soil Health Agriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED8/7/2008Wang, Koon-Hui$75,000
2008 Hawaii Kids Count Plan GuidelinesCasey (Annie E.) Foundation3/11/2008Stern, Ivette$75,000
Invasive Ant Control for Native Ecosystem Preservation and Restoration in HawaiiLand & Natural Res, Dept - Hawaii Invasive Species Cncl-HI10/15/2008Rubinoff, Daniel$73,726
Effects of Viral Suppressors of RNA Silencing in SugarcaneAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/18/2008Hu, John$73,274
Biotechnology Outreach ProgramAgriculture, Dept - FED8/20/2008Wieczorek, Anna$70,079
Development of a Comprehensive Approach to Hawaii's Farm-Level Food Safety Risk AssessmentsHawaii Farm Bureau Federation11/12/2008Hollyer, James$70,000
Developing Productivity Models and Silvicultural Guidelines for Growing and Managing the Native Hawaiian Hardwood Acacia KoaAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/8/2008Friday, James$69,767
Identifications of Shrimp Muscle Regulatory GenesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/22/2008Ako, Harry$69,620
The Invasive Species/Wildfire Cycle: Fuel Loads, Microclimate, Fire Potential, and Fire Behavior in Dominant Grasslands and Adjacent ForestsAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED12/1/2008Litton, Creighton$69,001
Western Regional Center in the National Plant Diagnostic NetworkCalifornia Davis, University of10/17/2008Alvarez, Anne$67,760
Natural Enemies of Invasive Tephritid Fruit Flies: Evaluation of New Candidate SpeciesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/1/2008Messing, Russell$67,042
Soil Organic Matter Management to Improve Soil and Crop Quality on Intensive Vegetable Farms in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/25/2008Deenik, Jonathan$66,000
Enhancing Phyto-Nutrient Content, Yield and Quality of Vegetables with Compost Tea in the TropicsUtah State University11/12/2008Radovich, Theodore$64,909
Hair Analysis for Mercury and Arsenic ExposureHealth, Dept - HI12/10/2008Li, Qingxiao$64,202
Pesticide Regristration: Quality AssuranceAgriculture, Dept - HI1/16/2008Li, Qingxiao$63,920
Hawaii Pineapple ImprovementAgriculture, Dept - FED9/2/2008Vincent, Douglas$63,323
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED9/2/2008Vincent, Douglas$63,323
Hair Analysis for Mercury and Arsenic ExposureHealth, Dept - HI3/31/2008Li, Qingxiao$63,000
Prevention and Control of Invasive Termite Species in Hawaii and the American PacificAgriculture, Dept - FED9/10/2008Grace, Jack$61,383
The Potential for Restoration to Break the Grass/Fire Cycle in Dryland Ecosystems in Hawaii: Using Remotely Sensed Data to Guide and Understand Restoration of Dry Forest Ecosystem ProcessAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED9/8/2008Litton, Creighton$60,254
Minor Crops Pest and Disease ControlAgriculture, Dept - FED9/2/2008Vincent, Douglas$60,142
Detection, Distribution, and Etiological Roles of Badnaviruses in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/12/2008Hu, John$59,415
Keaukaha Community Resource CenterKamehameha Schools8/19/2008Ikeda, Carol$55,000
The Invasive Species/Wildfire Cycle: Fuel Loads, Microclimate, Fire Potential, and Fire Behavior in Dominant Grasslands and Adjacent ForestsAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED6/15/2008Litton, Creighton$54,982
Genomic Barcoding of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Important to Hawaii AgricultureAgriculture, Dept - FED8/4/2008Presting, Gernot$53,981
Promoting Adaptive Management with 'Tropic Sun' Sunn Hemp (Crotolaria Juncea) in Hawaii for Ecological Weed Control, Nematode Suppression and NutrientUtah State University10/13/2008Sipes, Brent$53,768
Environmental Effects of Tephritid Fruit Fly Eradication and ControlAgriculture, Dept - FED9/11/2008Vincent, Douglas$53,239
Effectiveness of Vegetation for Mitigation the Coastal Impact due to Storm Surge and Tsunamis and Public EducationLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI10/10/2008Kaufman, Andrew$51,598
Research Starter Grant-Understanding the Relationship Between Housing Density and Forest Structure on Avian Communities Across Forested LandscapesNational Science Foundation8/11/2008Lepczyk, Christopher$50,000
Nutrition Service for Older AdultsHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI6/9/2008Kanehiro, Naomi$49,900
Developing Indicators for Quality of Life in HawaiiBusiness, Econ Dev & Tourism, Dept (DBEDT) - HI7/14/2008Yuan, Sarah$49,741
Testing the Potential Gene Flow from Genetically Engineered crops to Native Species in the Hawaiian IslandsAgriculture, Dept - HI5/16/2008Wieczorek, Anna$49,680
Technical and Economic Feasibility of Production of Alternative Animal FeedsAgriculture, Dept - HI7/11/2008Duponte, Michael$49,225
Development of Isoform Specific Sensory Neuronal Sodium Channel BlockersIndiana University4/18/2008Bingham, Jon-Paul$48,924
An Integrated Approach for the Quality Improvement of Guava Puree and Kava Beverage by a Non-Thermal Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide PasteurizationAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/4/2008Li, Yong$48,844
Sunn hemp and its Alleplopathic Compounds for Vegetable Production in Hawaii and BeyondUtah State University9/10/2008Wang, Koon-Hui$46,125
Hawaii Pesticide Applicator Training 2008-2010 Work PlanAgriculture, Dept - HI10/22/2008Nagamine, Charles$45,871
Hawaii Volcanic Eruption - Impacts on Hawaii AgricultureAgriculture, Dept - FED9/16/2008Nishijima, Wayne$44,470
Logistics Arrangement for a Cattlemen's Trip to Australia to Learn About LeucaenaAgriculture, Dept - Agribusiness Dev Corp-HI12/3/2008Thorne, Mark$43,000
Funding for 2008 Hawaii IR-4 Food Use Field ProjectsCalifornia Davis, University of9/24/2008Kawate, Michael$42,750
Growth Hormone Receptor DNA Polymorphisms and Growth Traits in Grass-fed Cattle PopulationsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/22/2008Yang, Jinzeng$41,787
Testing of Existing and Development of New Temperature and Salinity Corrected Capacitance Based Moisture Sensors as Irrigation Scheduling ToolsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/29/2008Fares, Ali$41,626
Hawaii Statewide Biofuels AssessmentBlack and Veatch1/29/2008Ogoshi, Richard$41,400
Janong Natural Farming: A Completely Integrated Waste Management System for Small Swine FarmsFarm Pilot Project Coordination Inc.7/23/2008Duponte, Michael$41,000
Technical and Economical Feasibility of Production of Alternative Animal Feeds for Piggery, Big Island, HawaiiCounty of Hawaii6/3/2008Duponte, Michael$40,101
The Evaluation of Native Hawaiian Plants as New Cover Crop Selections in Local Organic Vegetable ProductionAgriculture, Dept - HI5/16/2008Leary, James$38,856
Evaluation of Hyles lineata and Daphnis neril Sphinx Moths as Model Organisms for Hybrid Insect MEMS TechnologyDefense, Dept - Advanced Rsch Proj Agency10/31/2008Rubinoff, Daniel$38,233
A Low Cost Individual-Farm Quarantine and Small Scale Production System for Marine Shrimp and Other ProductsAgriculture, Dept - HI5/15/2008Szyper, James$37,179
Evaluating Impact of Puccinia Psidii Rust Strains on Ohi‘aLand & Natural Res, Dept - Hawaii Invasive Species Cncl-HI11/12/2008Uchida, Janice$36,049
Ensuring Sustainability of Taro for Future GenerationsAgriculture, Dept - HI5/16/2008Miyasaka, Susan$35,019
Determine the Efficacy of Fungicides to Protect Endangered Species from the Rust, Puccinia psidii and Other Heavily Diseased Myrtacease.Land & Natural Res, Dept - HI10/13/2008Uchida, Janice$34,810
Identifying Resistance and Quality Loci in Maize Using CTAHR's Near-Isogenic LinesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/25/2008Brewbaker, James$34,425
Developing Management Strategies for a Newly Found Plant-Parasitic Nematode, Helicotylenchus multicinctus, Damaging Banana Plantings in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - HI5/16/2008Wang, Koon-Hui$33,472
Ecology and Management of Black Twig Borer on Coffee in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/8/2008Easton-Smith, Virginia$32,443
Proteomics Study of Tropical PlantsHawaii Agriculture Research Center11/17/2008Li, Qingxiao$32,000
Farm Revenue Insurance Strategies to Management Marketing Risks in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED7/9/2008Fleming, Kent$29,998
State-wide Survey for Soybean Cyst Nematode PresenceAgriculture, Dept - FED6/25/2008Sipes, Brent$29,740
Baby SAFE Program ReportHealth, Dept - Maternal and Child Health Branch-HI6/2/2008Yuen, Sylvia$29,000
Nematode Resistant Rootstock Improvement for Hawaii Coffee GrowersHawaii Agriculture Research Center6/9/2008Sipes, Brent$28,560
Investigations into Macadamia Tree Dieback and Decline and Field Management Strategies to Alleviate the ProblemHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/3/2008Nagao, Mike$27,500
Memorandum of Agreement Relating to Quality Care for Home-Based and Center-Based Child Care ProvidersHuman Services, Dept - HI2/22/2008Yuen, Sylvia$26,825
Economic Analytical Support for Fishery Management ActionsCommerce, Dept - Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm (NOAA)10/16/2008Leung, Ping$26,000
Educating Family Caregivers on Healthcare FraudHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI7/31/2008Yancura, Loriena$25,000
Pacific Regional Comprehensive Cancer Control Implementation Program (Subcontract from American Samoa DOH)American Samoa, Govt of5/13/2008Palafox, Neal$25,000
Subregional Showcase Conference for Hawaii Utah State University7/25/2008Deenik, Jonathan$25,000
Field Evaluation of Oil Seed Crops at Benchmark LocationsHawaii Agriculture Research Center2/7/2008Uehara, Goro$25,000
Intensive and Alternative Methods for Marine Copepod Production in HawaiiOceanic Institute - Ctr for Tropical & Subtrpcl Aquaculture (CTSA)10/22/2008Szyper, James$24,648
Assessment of the Aquaculture Potential of Native Hawaiian Lobsters and Shrimp as Sustainable Co-culture Crops in Commercial Fish CagesAgriculture, Dept - HI5/15/2008Malecha, Spencer$24,461
Funding for Mutual InterestAgriculture, Dept - FED10/24/2008Grace, Jack$24,000
A Practical Phenotypic Marker for Early Determination of Sex in Papaya SeedlingsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/12/2008Manshardt, Richard$23,701
Weed Control in Hydro Planted Native Hawaiian Plants with Stakeholder OutreachAgriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED9/26/2008DeFrank, Joseph$22,440
Research to Improve Estimates of Game Harvests and Hunting Participation in the State of HawaiiLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI1/29/2008Lepczyk, Christopher$22,344
Funding for Mutual InterestAgriculture, Dept - FED3/14/2008Grace, Jack$22,000
IR-4 HQ Support for Western Region Collaborator - 2008 (Coffee Processing Equipment)Rutgers, State University of New Jersey 6/3/2008Kawate, Michael$20,400
Assessment of Acacia Koa Forest cover and Productivity Across Environmental Gradients in Hawaii Using Fine Resolution Remote SensingLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI12/3/2008Idol, Travis$20,000
Waiaka Hog Farmers CooperativeAgriculture, Dept - Agribusiness Dev Corp-HI7/14/2008Zaleski, Halina$18,143
2008 Hawaii Tea Educational Outreach ProgramHawaii Farm Bureau Federation11/13/2008Nakamoto, Stuart$17,600
Agribusiness Training GuidebookOahu Resource Conservation and Development9/26/2008Kinoshita, Charles$16,000
2008 Stockman's Fall Field Day Agriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED9/5/2008Thorne, Mark$15,930
Memorandum of Agreement Relating to Quality Care for Home-Based and Center-Based Child Care ProvidersHuman Services, Dept - HI1/25/2008Yuen, Sylvia$15,750
Incidence and Evaluation of a New Rust Disease on Myrtaceae in HawaiiLand & Natural Res, Dept - Div of Forestry & Wildlife-HI8/19/2008Uchida, Janice$15,000
New Technologies for Assessment and Control of a Bacterial Pathogen Distributed by Seed in International TradeAgriculture, Dept - FED7/9/2008Alvarez, Anne$15,000
Rapid Response Mitigation and Monitoring of Incipient Post-Fire Weed Invasions Surrounding the Kanakaleonui Bird Corridor in HumuulaHawaiian Home Lands, Dept - HI7/31/2008Leary, James$14,000
Potato Cyst Nematode SurveyAgriculture, Dept - FED6/25/2008Sipes, Brent$13,800
Blueberry and Tea Research and Extension in Waimea 2008County of Hawaii7/24/2008Nakamoto, Stuart$13,000
Adapting Aquaponics Systems for Use in the American Pacific IslandsOceanic Institute - Ctr for Tropical & Subtrpcl Aquaculture (CTSA)12/16/2008Kobayashi, Kent$12,839
Dressing Paralyzed Patients: Brochures and Video Training for Caregivers (Chinese and Japanese)Reeve (Christopher & Dana) Paralysis Foundation2/14/2008Lin, Shu$12,500
Improving and Extending the Superhero Status of the Sunn Hemp to Other Growers in Need of HelpUtah State University6/20/2008Sipes, Brent$10,000
Treatment and Reuse of Urban Storm Water With a Customized Constructed WetlandEnvironmental Protection Agency1/30/2008Idol, Travis$9,968
Water Quality Research and Extension Coordination in Hawaii Arizona, University of12/10/2008Evensen, Carl$9,148
Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education (PRAISE) and Publications, Year 1--Publications ComponentsOceanic Institute - Ctr for Tropical & Subtrpcl Aquaculture (CTSA)9/26/2008Hashimoto, Andrew$8,500
2008 Hawaii Food Use Field Research Center SupportCalifornia Davis, University of4/29/2008Kawate, Michael$7,000
Design of a Continuous Flow Microwave Pasteurizer University of Hawaii Foundation7/17/2008Jun, Soojin$6,000
Digitization Video of Chinese Last Empire Dress CodeHawaii Council for the Humanities10/1/2008Lin, Shu$5,000
Production of a Video: Guava Production, Cycling for Constant Fruit ProductionCounty of Hawaii9/29/2008Nishina, Melvin$5,000
Reclaiming Hawaii's Avocado Market through Branding of Hawaii County Grown AvocadosCounty of Hawaii11/20/2008Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine$5,000
Research on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in the Department of EducationHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI6/20/2008Yancura, Loriena$4,000
Journal of Natural Resources Policy ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation7/16/2008Gopalakrishnan, Chennat$3,300
Hawaii Natural Farming Swine TourUtah State University9/24/2008Duponte, Michael$2,000
New Tropical Ginger Cut FlowersHill (Joseph H) Memorial Foundation, Inc.8/1/2008Criley, Richard$1,775
Eat Healthy Community PresentationsHawaii Medical Service Association11/3/2008Yuen, Sylvia$1,200
Evaluation of Hyles lineata and Daphnis neril Sphinx Moths as Model Organisms for Hybrid Insect MEMS TechnologyDefense, Dept - Advanced Rsch Proj Agency11/18/2008Rubinoff, Daniel$27
Total:    $19,305,329

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