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Master Gardeners in greenhouse

The Master Gardeners 8 Huis

Master Gardeners volunteer their time through 8 different huis (or groups) designed to assist home gardeners and promote sustainable gardening practices.

A brief description of each hui follows:

Helpline – Master Gardeners provide telephone and drop-in assistance for home gardeners on the pests, diseases and cultivation of plants. Responses are based on College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) publications and other research-based sources. The Helpline is open Monday and Friday morning.  

Ag in the Classroom – Master Gardeners visit schools to teach second graders the importance of farming in East Hawaii.  Students participate by starting plants from seed. 

Speakers Bureau – We provide speakers to garden clubs and other interested groups on a variety of home gardening topics.  The Speakers Bureau also arranges continuing education opportunities for Master Gardeners in the form of tours and guest speakers.   

Demonstration Garden – Master Gardeners use the demonstration garden at the Komohana Research Complex to learn organic and sustainable methods for growing vegetables, herbs and ornamentals.  This includes composting, preparation of garden beds, planting, plant nutrition, vermicomposting and overall garden maintenance.

The Master Gardeners have also begun to establish an Apiary and Apiary Garden next to the Demonstration Garden.  We will work in collaboration with the Big Island Beekeepers Association to landscape the gardens and maintain hives of bees.

Komohana Landscaping –Master Gardeners work to enhance the Komohana Research Complex with ethno-botanical plants representative of Hawaii and Hawaiian agriculture.  

Greenhouse – The Master Gardeners maintain a model greenhouse facility at the Komohana campus.  We propagate plants for a variety of landscape and demonstration garden projects.

Komohana Little Fire Ant (LFA) Control – This hui monitors and controls the infestation of Little Fire Ant at the Komohana Research Complex.  Master Gardeners use our experience at Komohana to further enhance information provided to the gardening public. 

Information Booth for Fruit Fly and Little Fire Ant – Master Gardeners disseminate information on monitoring and control of these garden pests during agricultural fairs and other community events. Protein baits and lures to control Fruit Flies are available for a nominal fee. 

Hawaii Island Master Gardeners