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Citrus Melanose

Citrus melanose

Photo: CTAHR


Oranges have small, slightly raised, dark spots all over them. Or there are marks on the fruit that look like tear stains.


Citrus melanose is a fungal disease that causes small spots or lesions on citrus fruit. It can cause lesions that look like tear drops or caked mud. Leaves can also be affected, with small black, raised spots or lesions, often with yellow halos. Melanose is caused by a fungus that grows during wet humid weather. It affects the appearance of fruit but not the taste or edibility. Rain and wind spread the spores.

Citrus melanose on grapefruit

Citrus melanose on grapefruit
Photo: CTAHR

Melanose. Photo: B Bushe

Photo: Brian Bushe, CTAHR

melanose Photo: B Bushe

Photo: Brian Bushe, CTAHR


Kendal Lyon, Hawaii Island Master Gardeners