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This is an internal newsletter to enhance communication among Master Gardeners and administrators across the State of Hawaii.  Not intended for public use.

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Issue 21: Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec 2017: Heat Stress in the Home Garden; Spotlight on West Hawai'i; News from across the state; Honey as an alternative rooting stimiulant for cuttings.

Issue 20: May-June-July-August 2017: 2017 International Master Gardener Conference; Spotlight on Maui; Managing slugs and snails in the home garden to reduce the risk of rat lungworm infection; News from across the state.

Issue 19 March-April 2017: National Extension Resources for UH Master Gardeners; Spotlight on Kaua’i: Expanding Educational Outreach Through Farmers Markets, Community Partnerships, and Technology; News from across the state.

Issue 18 January-February 2017: 2017: A year of Innovation for the UH MG Program, O'ahu Master Gardener Class Projects: Display Gardens and Zero Waste Programs, News from across the state.

Issue 17 September-October-November 2016: 2017 International Master Gardener Conference, Statewide News, Mulches for Pest Control and Soil Health, soil health videos

Issue 16 June-July-August 2016: Statewide News, Plant Pono Expansion - MGs have a role, Help where we need it CTAHR Q1 Impact Report), build a rose beetle trap (video).

Issue 15 March-April-May 2016: 2017 Master Gardener Conference (Portland OR from July 10-14 2017),  Statewide News, Lyon Arboretum Seed Conservation Lab #OhiaLove Project.

Issue 14 December 2015-January-February 2016: Statewide News, UH MG Statewide Program Survey results, Plumeria, Breadfruit vs. Potato Public Education Campaign, and Meet the Pollinator: Hawaii's Largest Bee (Carpenter Bee).

Issue 13: Sept-Oct-Nov 2015: Statewide News, Empathy in the Garden, 'Ohi'a Quarantine: Rapid 'Ohi'a Death, Spot the Ant - Stop the Ant Campaign.

Issue 12 June-July-August 2015: Statewide News, Vulnerability in the Garden, Why do Vines Twine? Healthy Soils are covered all the time, Where can I get beneficial insects?

Issue 11 March-April-May 2015: Statewide News, 2015 International Year of Soils, 8 Steps to Improve Garden Soil Health, Fixing erosion “hot spots” in the yard or garden.

Issue 10 December 2014-January-February 2015: Statewide News, UHMG Conference reports, Aloha Lorraine, Vermicomposting Updates

Issue 9 September-October-November 2014: Statewide News, UHMG Conference, Restoring the Wiliwili Forest of Waikoloa, Hawaii's Native Bees.

Issue 8 June-July-August 2014: Statewide News, Control Garden Pests using the Least Toxic Methods, Wildfire in Hawaii.

Issue 7 March-April-May 2014: Statewide News, The Pulelehua Project, Little Fire Ant, Centennial Celebration of CES

Issue 6 December 2013-January-February 2014: Statewide News, More Native Plants as Groundcovers, Pollinator Friendly Landscaping In Hawaii (LICH video link), New Resources

Issue 5 September-October-November 2013: Statewide News, Reducing Soil Erosion and Compaction, New Resources, Upcoming Events

Issue 4 June-July-August 2013: Statewide News, Water Conservation Tips for the Home Garden, Healthy Lawn Care Practices, Fruit Fly Control, Upcoming Events.

Issue 3 March-April-May 2013: Statewide News, Gardens and Birds in Hawai'i, Pollinator Friendly Gardens in Hawai'i, Rain Gardens for Hawaii's Water Quality, and Video Resources.

Issue 2 Jan-Feb-March 2013: News from around the state, Native Hawaiian Plants as Groundcovers, Statewide Program Update, new resources and announcements.

Issue 1 Oct-Nov-Dec 2012: 2012 Grow-Together Statewide Conference, Grow Native! Plant Pono Website Launch, New publications from CTAHR