American Samoa

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American Samoa is comprised of five mountainous volcanic islands in the South Pacific.  Over 96% of its approximately 60,000 people live on the largest island, Tutuila.  About 65% of Tutuila's 33,920 acres have a slope of greater than 30%.  The result is an effective population density of about 2,500 persons per square mile.  Narrow palm-lined sand and coral rubble beaches rim much of the island, with a fringing reef flanking much of the coastline.  

With an ever increasing population and a decrease in the availability of agricultural land, the environmental balance is at risk.  Most farming is multicrop subsistence farming, producing coconuts, bananas, and root crops for the immediate needs of the Samoan families.  Because of the rough terrain and the high transportation and maintenance costs, there is a little mechanization.  There is a great need for assistance to farmers in developing their land in a way that is environmentally sound and economically feasible.

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