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Agribusiness Incubator Program

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Our Mission

The Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP) seeks to provide business consulting services to agriculture-related businesses throughout the State of Hawaii, maximizing their chance of business viability and success, in order to grow the State’s diversified agriculture industry. 

Through an intensive, hands-on approach to consulting, AIP will work with agribusinesses to establish core business plans and practices, enabling their clients to start a successful agribusiness or take their existing business to the next level.

AIP activities are aligned with fulfilling the following mission statement:

Be widely recognized for having a positive impact on Hawaii’s agribusinesses by facilitating our clients’ success through business consulting


Our Methodology

We will help agribusinesses form a solid foundation for their growth plans, by:

  • Providing analysis of financial and operational performance, processes and procedures

  • Assisting with the development of a Strategic Plan

  • Assisting with the development and execution of a Business Plan

  • Providing other planning and project management services to define and achieve client goals

  • Building an ongoing relationship that fosters continual improvement of operations



The University of Hawaii created the Agribusiness Education, Training, and Incubation program (AETI) through a grant from the Cooperative State, Research, Education, and Extension Service program of the United States Department of Agriculture. 

The AETI program involves a nine campus consortium of the University of Hawaii system and provides education and workforce development, business and community economic development assistance, and market and capacity building to meet the objective of building Hawaii’s diversified agricultural market.

The Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP) serves the entire State of Hawaii and is responsible for executing the Incubation objectives of AETI.


What we do...

The Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP) helps new and existing agribusinesses take their company to the next level through our varied business experience, proven methodologies, and access to resources that address the needs of agribusinesses.

Business Management

Our consultants come from some of the largest consulting, accounting, finance and outsourcing firms in the world and can apply their knowledge, experience, and skills to address agribusiness management issues.

We assist agribusinesses with business strategy and planning, helping them to define, focus, and achieve their goals.  AIP consultants leverage their experience in the areas of accounting, technology, financial systems, process improvement, inventory, distribution, and financing and utilize proven project management methodologies, to help agribusinesses reduce risk while increasing the effectiveness of the projects they undertake. 

Financial Management

We strongly believe that solid accounting practices and relevant, understandable accounting information is central to helping agribusinesses make wise fiscal and operational decisions.

AIP consultants assist clients establish accounting systems that provide consistent, accurate, and timely financial statements, and help clients understand their financial performance by comparing their numbers to industry standard ratios.

We can then determine appropriate financing needs and match them with the best funding source. 

Whether dealing with federal grants or subsidized loans, AIP will utilize business relationships to assist clients with applications, development of business plans and proposals, and the completion of required forms.

Additional areas of financial assistance would include determining:  Cost of production; Most profitable products; Return on investment; etc.


In our experience, the average agribusiness is more adept at growing than selling their products.  AIP can assist these businesses with market/feasibility research for new or existing products, developing a business case for value-added products, and with general marketing strategy (branding, positioning, etc.).

We can also assist with establishing an Internet presence for the agribusiness clients, increasingly the preferred method of communication amongst businesses and particularly in direct-to-consumer business.

AIP’s relationships with a variety of State agencies and sales/distribution channels can open new doors for increasing the sales and reach of agribusiness products.

In addition, AIP is involved in community-wide efforts to expand the markets for agricultural and value-added products.

Technical Farming

Through our relationships with the faculty and staff in the University of Hawaii system, AIP is able to assist clients in identifying resources that can address technical farming issues such as disease, product feasibility, and other farm related technologies and techniques.  

Additionally, AIP consultants have extensive backgrounds in Process Improvement and can effectively review current production practices and encourage continuous improvement.

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