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Fall 2006 Syllabus (part 1 of 2 parts)
(Bold font = no class; podcast only)

Revised Wednesday, August 22, 2006

22 Aug.
Lecture: Introduction to "Enterprise Management;” Profitability vs. cashflow (Economic vs. accounting profitability).

23 Aug.
Computer Lab.: Introduction to basic budgeting in Excel.
Values, goals & objectives

29 Aug.
Lecture: Goals & objectives. Assignment: Read Building a Sustainable Business (BSB), Chapters 1 and 3. Complete #1.1; 3.4 & 3.5, turn in before class.

30 Aug.
Lab: Working with operating budget templates. Assignment: Family budget (BSB, #3.3 as spreadsheet) and budget for cost-of-operating-a-car spreadsheets due, via email by Tuesday night.
Profitability: Enterprise budgets

5 Sept.
Lecture: Components of a cost of production budget. Assignment: read handout: “Cost of Producing Macadamia Nuts in Kona.”
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6 Sept.
Lecture: Using a cost of production template (e.g., Kona coffee)
Profitability: Partial Budgets

12 Sept.
Lecture: Enterprise vs. partial budgets. Introduction to partial budgeting for economic decision-making.

Listen to podcast: Partial_Budgets.mp3

13 Sept.
Lab: Using a partial budget template (e.g., bST) & using partial budgets in economic development (e.g., East Timor)

19 Sept.
Lecture: Partial budget examples (cont’d.)

20 Sept.
Lab: Partial budget examples (cont’d.) • PB topics due

26 Sept.
Lecture: In-class partial budget presentations (with write-up =15 % of final grade)

27 Sept.
Lab: In-class partial budget presentations

3-4 Oct. Midterm:
(in lecture) written part (10% of grade) & 4 Oct. (in lab) spreadsheet part (10% of grade) • Partial budget write-ups due via email

Midterm Review material:

1. "Adopting Alternatives.ppt" is a PowerPoint presentation (28 slides). I passed out an earlier version of this slide show a while ago. Throw away the old one and use this new one. (You can print it out if you want a hard copy to replace the one I passed out.)
2. "Adopting Alternatives.mp3" is a podcast to accompany the slide show. (I did try to integrate them into a video podcast but gave up because it was more important for you to have this material to use to review for your midterm exam -- both parts: class and lab).
Listen to and watch them together. Although they are not linked, if you pay attention you can probably tell when I move to the next slide (voice pause, intonation, etc.) The whole presentation will take you about a half hour.
I think you will find it a useful review. After you go through the presentation once or twice, if you have any questions, you may email me or stop by the office Monday from 1 - 3 pm or Tues. 10 -12 am or by appointment.