Bunchy Top Symptoms: Leaves Bunchy
The top leaves are bunched up: the "diagnostic symptom" for BBTD

Banana bunchy top was named after this peculiar symptom.
  • The most severe and familiar symptom of banana bunchy top disease
  • The leaves remain bunched up, with yellow fringes and stand erect
  • The bunchy top symptom is usually most visible on young plants
  • Bunchy top symptom can be more subtle on older banana plants

Leaves are bunched and yellow

Leaves erect and upright , narrow and bunched 

Leaves at center are bunched up, have yellow fringes

Young plants show severe symptoms

The mother plant probably died from BBTD

Look for the bunchy top and yellow-fringed leaves . This is evidence of an advanced BBTV-infection

Photographs are courtesy of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture

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