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control of coqui frogHawai'i's lush vegetation, warm temperatures and high humidity not only welcome human visitors but indiscriminately provide a tropical paradise for the more than 1,000 alien plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates that have been accidentally introduced from all corners of the world over the past 65 years. Some have become established at the expense of native species, competing for habitat and nutrient sources.

One species that has garnered much attention recently is the coqui frog, Eleutherdactylus coqui. Its ability to quickly adapt to Hawai'i from its native Puerto Rico and reach unprecedented numbers, the absence of predators, and its noisy mating behavior have made the coqui frog the target of government and community eradication and control efforts.

The purpose of this Web site is to provide a comprehensive resource for biological and control aspects of the coqui frog invasion in Hawai'i. Here you will find original research summaries, tips for homeowners, photos, and links to other Web sites and articles.

This Web site summarizes research being done as part of the Tropical/Subtropical Agricultural Research (T-STAR) Pacific Basin Special Research Grant 2002-34135-12762; Management of a New Invasive Species in Hawai'i: The Coqui Frog; Principal Investigators: Arnold H. Hara, UH-Manoa, CTAHR; William J. Mautz, UH Hilo, Biology; and Eloise M. Killgore, Hawai'i Dept. of Agriculture. We are grateful for the assistance and expertise of Kathy Lu and the staff at the CTAHR Publications and Information Office.

Last Modified 3/4/2008

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