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  Differences Between Greenhouse Frog and Coqui Frog

download the "Greenhouse Frog or Coqui Frog" poster (pdf).

Greenhouse Frog or Coqui Frog?

Differences between two Eleutherodactylus species found in Hawai'i


Greenhouse frog
E. planirostris

Coqui frog
E. coqui

Body shape and size
    body shape of Greenhouse frog
  • < 1 inch long
  • Narrower body
    shape and size of Coqui frog
  • Slightly > 1 inch long; adult about
    1½ times larger than
    greenhouse frogs
  • Rounder body shape
  • Usually copper colored, mottled with black spots
  • No mid-dorsal line (along back from nose to tail)
  • Warty textured skin
skin of Greenhouse frog
  • Greater variation in color, from light yellow to dark brown
  • May be mottled with black spots
  • Mid-dorsal line (stripe along back) may or may not be visible
color of Coqui frog

Shape of snout

Toes and toe pads

  • Narrower snout shape of Greenhouse frog's snout
  • Claw-like toes; toe pads not distinct


  • Broader, bow-shaped snout shape of Coqui frog's snout
  • Suction cup-like toe pads
Male calling sounds
  • Cricket-like chirping
  • Loud two-tone call, "ko-kee"
  • Exclusively on ground level
  • From ground level to top of trees
Quarantine status
  • Not a quarantine pest
  • Only an inter-island quarantine pest

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