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You can either trap the frog in a container or place a slide-top plastic bag (inside out) over your hand as a glove, capture the frog in your hand, and turn the bag right side out and zip it shut. Hawaii Department of Agriculture personnel devised a tool consisting of a length of plastic tubing (fluorescent tube protective sheath sold at hardware stores in 8-ft lengths) cut at an angle, with a plastic bag taped over one end. Place the open end of the tube over the frog, and the frog will invariably hop into the tube and can be tipped into the bag.
Click to see the instructions on how to cut the tube. (Once in the website, click on "Other Options", and click on "with a tube tool")
tube tool

How to use a tube tool to capture a frog without touching it:
Josh with magic wand
tube over frog
frog in the tube
a) Assemble the tube tool as instructed.

b) Place the tube over a frog.

c) Frog will instinctively jump into the tube and can be captured in the plastic bag at the end of the tube (note light-colored eggs (arrow) visible in the female’s abdomen).

Photos by S. Chun, UH–CTAHR


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