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In an effort to find a non-chemical means of coqui frog control, different kinds of traps were tested for effectiveness. PVC pipes in a Tee-formation appeared to be more attractive to coqui frogs since more eggs were laid in the PVC pipes than in the bamboo traps (see details under "Methods of Control"). No nesting was observed in straight PVC pipes (without Tee at one end).

This method of trapping using bamboo or PVC material appears ineffective because only 28% of the bamboo traps and 28-30% of those made with PVC were occupied after being set out for 4 months, indicating that the frogs preferred more cryptic nesting places and that there was no shortage of such places in the test plots. Trapping may not reduce coqui frog populations significantly; however, with this method, the frogs make themselves and their eggs more accessible for removal, and the traps can be conveniently checked during daylight hours.

bamboo trap
PVC pipe in T-formation
frog and eggs inside T-formation PVC pipe
a) Bamboo trap (arrow pointing to entry hole, both ends of bamboo are closed) b) PVC pipe in Tee-formation c) Frog and eggs inside Tee-formation PVC pipe


   Research trials conducted to enhance the attractiveness of PVC pipe traps or retreats to coqui frogs have yielded promising results.  Methyl eugenol (ME) lures, a pheromone to attract male oriental fruit flies, were attached to the PVC retreats to attract a food source for coqui frogs in the vicinity. The ME lures increased the coqui frog occupancy rates of the retreats as well as attracted more frogs within a 3-foot radius immediately around the retreats. Observations over four consecutive nights revealed approximately 5 times as many frogs around retreats with ME than those without ME lures.  More trials are being conducted to determine how to most effectively hand-capture or trap the frogs attracted to the ME lures.

a) A methyl eugenol (ME) lure attracts male oriental fruit flies near a PVC coqui frog retreat.
b) A coqui frog is attracted by fruit flies roosting on the leaves above a PVC pipe trap.



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