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If you capture a frog, please handle and dispense with it humanely:1) if on the Big Island, take the frog to a local veterinarian or wildlife shelter for euthanasia (have the frog properly containerized to prevent spreading it into a non-infested area en route), or 2) deeply anesthetize the frog by applying a topical anesthetic (e.g. Orajel) and then dispatch using a method that is accepted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (see pp, 20-21, 28) including deep freezing at 0 °C (-18 °F) only after the frog has been rendered unconscious.

These methods have been suggested by PeTA (January 2010).

Please report frog captures from newly infested areas to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Pest Hotline from any island 643- PEST (7378). It is illegal to transport coqui frogs within the state of Hawaii.





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