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  Where to Look for Coqui Frogs
Coqui frogs often perch on twigs, in leaf whorls and folds, between two leaves, in folded or curled leaves, in leaf axils, or in dead leaves hanging from the plant. They are often found on broad-leaved plants, but they will use any leaf that will support their weight and provide cover. Adult frogs tend to be 3–9 feet off the ground, especially calling males, and the juveniles are usually at lower heights (below 4 feet).
Inspection of a dry calathea leaf reveals coqui frog eggs:
dry, curled leaf
a) Dry, curled leaf

unfurling leaf
Frog eggs within the leaf
b) Unfurling leaf
c) Frog eggs within the leaf

Other places to look for frogs:
Hapu'u or tree fern provides crevices for frogs to hide
a) Hapu'u or tree fern provides crevices where frogs may hide.

frog egg eye
frog on dried fan palm leave
b) Eggs on red ti leaf

c) Frog on dried fan palm leaves

photos contributed by S. Chun, UH–CTAHR


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