TPSS 491/711 Digital Tools for Scientific Content

Video clips have become important part of scientific communication as embedded files in PowerPoint slides, videos used for scientific equipment orientation and scientific peer communications at professional meetings.  Graduate and undergraduate students can improve and expand the use of video clips in communicating scientific content with orientation on consumer grade cameras coupled with basic computer based editing skills.  Students will receive orientation on the new video recording equipment and software that includes Adobe Premier Pro CC, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Encore (DVD‐authoring). Each student that takes the course will be required to deliver a Power Point presentation (5-10 min.) to the class on a topic relevant to their academic field of interest. The presentation will be recorded and each student will edit the video footage, add graphics and output files for the web and DVD authoring. Students will also be required to produce a 5 minute “how to” video on a topic, method or procedure relevant to their academic field of interest.

Prerequisites: Student must have a working knowledge on the use of Power Point and have an academic topic or area of interest that they wish to develop video content forStudents preparing video content as a submission for a competitive award are also encouraged to attend.

Undergraduates sign up for:TPSS 491

Graduates sign up for: TPSS 711.

Note to users with Internet Explorer, some video files (MPEG4 in H.264 format) may not play correctly, try Google Chrome instead.  Alternative you can download video files and play on any PC with Windows Media Player.




Video of Lecture

(as Windows Media Files)

pdf content = lecture notes, slideshow as pdf , equipment manuals



Introduction to class, required student content output and learning outcomes.

View lecture #1 - Intro. TPSS 491/711 course outline

Fall 2015 classroom schedule



TPSS Canon camera setup and features, in-class computer orientation


View lecture #2 - setup of TPSS video cameras Canon HF R52 video camera

pdf - slides for "Setup Canon HF R52 video camera
    Camera shooting techniques for more effective video images.  Video extracted from Canon Vixia HF R52 "Instructional Video" © 2014 Copyright Canon USA

View Shooting Techniques

using Canon HF R52 camera

pdf - User manual for Canon HF R52 video camera



Introduction to Adobe Premier Pro.  Video of students reciting Mary had a little lamb (MHLL) is used to demonstrate the work flow from recording to final edited video.

Rough cut edit of students recitation of MHLL.

1st enhanced version of MHLL w/transition.

2nd enhanced version of MHLL w/title.


03_Lecture on work flow from camera to final edited video using Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015


1st rough cut edit of MHLL

MHLL with 1 transition.

MHLL with title at start.




Premier Pro important tips for video editing.  Student view online tutorials as initial orientation for working with Adobe Premier Pro with Dr. DeFrank's comments.

Seven online tutorial videos were viewed in class with comments provided by Dr. DeFrank.  This link also has download links to eagle assets used in these tutorials.


04_Lecture to introduce students to tutorial material for video editing with Premier Pro.  Also orientation to classroom computer for student editing work


Link to Adobe Premier Pro tutorials viewed in class on 09/16/2015




Orientation on TPSS departmental licensed music is provided with an example of how music can change the feel and mood of a video.  Music is added to the MHLL video

Students continue watching tutorials followed by live student example of starting the tutorial and saving a Premier Pro project

MHLL with techno music added to demonstrate mood change to non-music version.

05_Lecture that continues view tutorial video on Premier Pro and student starts the 1st tutorial on the classroom computer.




Dr. DeFrank provides an example of a live recording of a PowerPoint seminar followed by video editing on the classroom computer to enhance the final video for online viewing.



Final edited video of slide show on air layering

06_Dr. DeFrank presents a slide based presentation on air layering tropical ornamental hardwoods and records the presentation.  The recorded presentation is transferred from the SD chip to the external hard drive.  Raw video is edited to enhance the presentation.

Final edited video with slide stills added with highlighting graphics.




Students' PowerPoint presentations in live seminar setting.

Five students present their PowerPoint slideshow to the class for recording and follow up editing to add enhancements.  
  10/7 David Shepard:  Pic a Papaya  

D. Shepard's final edited video on Pic-A_Papaya App.





Students do in class editing

N. Dudley is the student selected to edit his PowerPoint slide show to video.  Dr. DeFrank provides step by step guidance.

Final student's edited video


Hour plus video of Dr. DeFrank providing step by step guidance during student's editing session.


Nick Dudley's final video on Cacao Harvest, 10/14/15




John Duff edits his PowerPoint slide show to video with guidance provided by Dr. DeFrank

Final edited video

J. Duff's in-class editing session

J Duff's final edited video on "Soils of Oahu") 10/21/15




Philip Waisen edits his PowerPoint slide show to video with guidance provided by Dr. DeFrank

Final edited video

P. Waisen in-class editing session.

P. Waisen's final edited video on nematode identification.




Introduction to Adobe Encore: DVD authoring using the PowerPoint to video content produced by students and Dr. DeFrank


High resolution screen capture of the DVD authoring process with Adobe Encore, Dr. DeFranks proivdes voice over for this tutorial video

YouTube 3 training videos for DVD authoring with Abobe Encore (linked on 11/05/15)

Dr. DeFrank provides a step by step description to the Digital Tools class on authoring a simple 5 video DVD using Adobe Encore.

Screen capture of Dr. DeFrank authoring a 5 video DVD using his and students Power Point to video final edited video

Link to online Encore training video




No class Veterans Day, HI State Holiday





Open session for in class work




Open session for in class work. 




Final presentation due as DVD video disc and streaming media content


Student Presentations