Maui WFE Training - 2014.

  On October 29, 2014, Dr. DeFrank provided a 2 hour workshop on working safely with pesticides, weed control and an organic methods of vegetable crop production.  This presentation was provided to the 2014-2015 edition of the WorldWide Farmers Exchange training workshops.  Dr. DeFrank discussed web based resources for weed and pest identification and pesticide recommendations.  Biology of yellow and purple nutsedge was discussed with respect to control options.  A farming technique called "Turn The Page Farming" was introduced to these international trainees.  In this approach, sheets of woven plastic weed cloth are used to control weeds via light exclusion.  This same material is used to control nutsedge, without herbicides, when used with methods detailed in this presentation.  The WorldWide Farmers Exchange program is coordinated by Lynn Nakamura-Tengan of the Maui Cooperative Extension Service.

  For more information on this presentation contact:

Dr. Joe DeFrank

Phone: 808-956-5698.

Suggested method to view streaming media and slideshow:

1. Open two browser windows of this page and separate them so that they can be accesses individually. 

2. On one page, click on the link to "view lecture", let the program download and start then hit pause.

2.  In the other winddow, open the pdf version of the slide show and once the first slide appears return to lecture and resume play.

3.  With two windows open, one for the video and one for the slide show you can follow the lecture for the queues to change the slide image.

Title of Presentation

Lecture Handout Windows Streaming Media Slide show images as pdf
Weeds & Pesticide Safety - Dr. Joe DeFrank Click to download view lecture Click to download slide show
Short videos below were embedded in the Power Point slide show.  These short videos provide much better resolution than that found in the lecture video.
Installing Turn the Page Farming at Pearl City Urban Gardens   view video  
Hydro seeding vegetable crops   view video