Nutsedge management in Hawaii, Turn the page farming, non-chemical turf grass renovation 2023 (posted 09/01/2023).

Torpedo Grass management: A 2-year case history for control of Torpedo Grass in a Bermuda Grass rough at the West Loch Gold Course located in leeward Oahu for the period 2020-2022. (posted 05/18/2023)

Drones in Agriculture, FAA rules and cracking the code for startup. (posted 04/22/2023)

Alternative to RoundUp for post emergence weed control - 2023, East Oahu Farm Bureau Meetings (posted 03/02/2023).


TPSS-PEPS 481 introduction to turf weed control (posted 11/202022).

Problem grassy weeds in Hawaiian Turf, 2022 HGCSA meeting, Hawaii (posted 10/08/2022).

Agricultural Spray Equipment, lecture for TPSS/PEPS 481 in fall of 2022 (posted 10/08/2022).

Nutsedge management in tropical crops and Turn The Page Farming: A no-till method for organic farmers.  Lecture for Weed Science Lab PEPS/TPSS 481 Fall 2022.

What was (2005) and what's up now (2022): grassy weed control in Hawaiian turf (posted 05/13/2022) also see an addendum to the original webinar  posted on 07/10/2022.

Weed Control for warm season turf in Hawaii_PEPS_421_(posted 02/18/2022)

Weed Control in Lawns, Landscapes and Turf Grass in Hawaii, Intro lecture for TPSS/PEPS 481.

Yellow and Purpule Nutsedge Management and Notill farming for Organic Farmers (posted 10/02/2021)

UAS (drones) for Precision Agriculture (posted 05/06/21)

UH Turf/Landscape Webinar-Update on Grassy Weed Control in Bermuda sport turf.  (posted 04/26/21)

Introduction to weed control in Hawaiian turf grass for PEPS-421 2021 (posted 02/22/21)

Air layer Workshop with hands on training for UH Waimanalo Farm Crew 2020(posted 12/11/20)

Oahu Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2020 (posted 05/11/20)

Kauai Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2020( posted 04/10/20)

Simplot Turf & Horticulture Workshop on pest management: Update on Perennial Grass Weed Control in Hawaii's Sport Turf on 03/03/2020 (posted 03/04/2020).

Introduction to Weed Control in Warm Season Turf in PEPS 421 "Foundations of Pest Management class on 02/24/2020 (posted on 02/26/20).

Hilo Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2020( posted 02/26/20)

Landscape Industry of Hawaii 2019 Conference: Weed Control Update for Aquatice and Turf Weeds (Posted 10/19/19)

2019 Hawaii Golf Course Superintendents Association Meeting: Weed Control Update (Posted 09/30/19) 

2019 Nutrien Ag Solutions  19th trade show and seminar: Perennial Grassy Weed Control in Hawaii (Posted 05/28/19)

Oahu Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2019 (Posted 05/13/19)

Oahu Air Layering lecture and hands on demonstration 2019 (Posted 05/13/19)

DOD pesticides applicators' recertification-2019: Grassy weed control in seashore paspalum turf and common herbicides for non-crop and conservation areas (posted 04/29/19).

6th Annual Weed Control & Restoration Workshop Agenda - Day 1 on April 3, 2019

Hilo Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2019 (Posted 03/08/19)

LICH 2018 WPS & grassy weeds in seashore paspalum turf (Posted 11/01/18)

LICH 2018 Improved system of air layering for tropical hardwood ornamentals & preservation of native Hawaiian plants (posted 11/01/2018).

DOD Pesticide applicators' recertification-Seashore paspalum weed control update-2018 (posted 10/04/18)

Air layering for tropical fruit trees-2018 (posted 09/24/18)

Azolla for weed control in wetland taro in Hawaii. (posted 06/29/18).

Oahu Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class with sprayer calibration 2018. (posted 05/22/18)

CPS 2018 trade show and seminar: WPS and factors for Bermuda and Goose grass control in seashore paspalum turf. (Posted 05/14/18)

Kauai Master Gardeners' Weed Science Class 2018. (posted 04/18/18_

AJ (Alex) Lindsey's Master of Science Defense Seminar: Bermudagrass and Goosegrass Management in Seashore Paspalum Turf-03/20/2018.

Maui Master Gardeners Weed Science Class 2018. (posted 03/15/18)

Simplot 2018 turf grass management seminars. (posted 03/05/18)

Notill farming for organic growers. (posted 12/04/2017). 

LICH 2017 and DOD Recertification training dealing with suppression of Bermuda grass and control of Goose grass in Seashore paspalum fairways in Hawaii. (posted 10/09/17).

DOD Recertification of pesticide applicators 2017 training, conducted at Joint Base Hickam/Pearl Harbor. (posted 06/26/17).

Oahu Master Gardener Weed Science Class 2017, conducted at the Waimanalo Research Farm (posted 06/26/17)

CPS Trade Show and Seminars 2017, AJ Lindsey-herbicide tools for seashore paspalum and J. DeFrank-Bermuda grass and Goose grass control in seashore paspalum greens and fairways (posted 05/18/2017).

Kauai Master Gardener Weed Science Class 2017, spray calibration for home lawns included (posted 04/17/2017)

Pacific Agricultural 2017 Trade show and Seminar.  Dr. DeFrank's lecture: Considerations for establishing native Hawaiian plants in roadside landscapes, 2016 turf grass research update and new research for Bermuda grass management in Seashore Paspalum.  Presented 01/19/2017.

PEPS/TPSS 418 Turfgrass Pests and Management, Dr. DeFrank's lecture:  Research update for sport turf weed control in Hawaii. 10/21/2016. (posted 10/26/16).

Calibration of Agricultural Equipment.  Lecture, field demonstration and student homework data collection for TPSS 364 class.  Magoon Research and Teaching Faculty, UH Manoa on 10/14/16 (posted on 10/17/16).

Weed control in Bananas, Papaya and Selected Vegetables in Hawaii.  Presentation to the East Oahu Farm Bureau meeting in Kaneohe, Oahu, HI on 10/04/2016 (posted 10/17/16).

Site preparation and Establishment Protocols for 3 Native Hawaiian Grasses On Hawaii’s Roadways presented at the 8th Annual CPS Nursery Seminar & Tradeshow in Hilo Hawaii on October. 07, 2016. (posted 10/11/16)

Kauai Master Gardener Weed Science Class 2016, spray calibration emphasis included (posted 06 03 16)

Turf and weed response to Tenacity, Pylex & Sencor tank mixes. Presentation at the 16th Annual Seminar presented at the Annual Crop Protection Services  Seminar and Tradeshow on May 20, 2016 (posted 05/26/16).

Weed Science workshop for World Farmer's exchange on Maui on 04/27/16. (Posted 05/05/16).

Maui Master Gardening Weed Science Class 2016. (posted 03/01/16)

TPSS 365 Horticultural Practices with Dr. Joe DeFrank discussing air layering tropical ornamental hardwood trees on 10/23/15. (posted 10/26/15)

PEPS/TPSS 418 Turfgrass Pests and Management, Dr. DeFrank's lecture:  Applied Weed Control Technology: Tropical turf grass management research to develop improved control of grassy weeds in Bermuda sport turf on 10/19/2015. (posted 10/20/15).

Turn the Page Farming, a non-chemical method of weed control for organic farmers. Laboratory lecture presented to students of the Weed Science class (TPSS/PEPS 481) ON 09/02/2015. (posted 10/11/15).

Weed Control in Tropical Turf and Roadside Landscapes Planted to Native Hawaiian Plants.  Seminar presented at the 15th Annual Crop Protection Services  Seminar and Tradeshow on May 15, 2015 (posted 05/18/15).

Master Gardening Training, Oahu:  Weed Science-2015 (posted 03/30/15).

Weed Control in Tropical Cropping Systems.  Departmental seminar in Tropical Plant and Soil Science. (posted 03/23/15).

Time of Year Considerations for Grassy Weed Control in Warm Season Turf.  Seminar presented at the Pacific Agriculture Sales and Service Trade Show.  (posted 02/03/15).

Pesticide Safety, weed control and no-till organic farming technique.  Workshop for  World Farmer Exchange on Maui 2014 to 2015 (posted 11/03/14).

Improved Air Layer methods for Tropical Hardwood: Fruits, Ornamentals and Forest Species.  Lecture for TPSS 364 Fall 2014.

Control of Grassy Weeds in Bermuda Grass Sport Turf at Waipio Soccer Fields, Research Review and Case Study for Summer and Winter Weed Cleanup in Late 2013 and Summer of 2014.

New Developments in Grassy Weed Control in Bermuda and Seashore Paspalum Turf in Hawaii-2014.  Seminar presented at the 14th Annual Seminar & Tradeshow held on Friday, May 23, 2014 at the Honolulu Country Club.

Master Gardeners Weed Science Classes for 2014 on Maui, Oahu and Kauai.  Dr. DeFrank's weed science short course on weed science concepts provided to the Master Gardener's class of 2014.


DOD Pest management recertification Class for 2014.  Dr. DeFrank provides an update on his web based resources for weed ID and control as well as applied weed control techniques for warm season turf grass in Hawaii.  (posted 01/23/14)


Improving Herbicide Performance in warm season turfgrass.  Bermuda grass and weed response to tank mixes of Sencor, Revovler, Celsius and Tenacity.  Also weed control in turf with new hand pulled weed wiper. (posted 01/17/14).

IPM for Yellow and Purple nutsedge in farms and turf grass.  Lecture for Elsie Greco's Windward CC IPM-AG132. (posted 01/17/14)

Weed control in landscapes and turf - Landscape Conference (posted 08/14/13)

2012/2013 Weed Control in Hawaii's Turf - Research results, control concepts and non-chemical renovation of sport turf fields.  (posted 06/07/2013)

Oahu-Pearl City Urban Gardeners, Master Gardener's Class on weed control: Resources for weed ID and control recommendations (posted 05/06/2013).

Maui Master Gardener's Class on weed control: Resources for weed ID and control recommendations (posted 03/18/2013).

Preplant control strategies for yellow nutsedge and other weeds in vegetable crops (posted 03/14/2013)

2012 Herbicide Evaluation on Hawaii Turf by Dr. Joe DeFrank (posted 01/24/13)

Landscape Management Conference, Haupuna Beach Hotel, Control of problem weeds in Big Island Landscapes by Dr. Joe DeFrank (posted 11/24/2012)

LICH Green Industry Conference and Trade Show selected presentations by Dr. Joe DeFrank and Rey Ito (posted 10/28/2012)

Web based resources for weed I.D. and control, problems weeds in warm season turf & Purple nutsedge control for gardens and ornamental nursery beds.  (posted 10/16/2012)

Weed control recommendations-home turf, landscapes and gardens (posted 06/01/2012)

Weed control in Aiea ball field, Waipio Soccer Field issues and new rules for Aquatic weed control - CPS 12th Annual Seminar and Tradeshow (posted 05/22/2012)

Weed control update for warm season turf in Hawaii - Pacifica Ag. Tradeshow (posted: 01/19/2012)

Weed control Considerations for Potted Tropical Ornamentals and Turf (posted: 02/09/2011)

Aiea Baseball field weed cleanup - 2010 (posted: 01/31/2011)

Pili Grass as a Living Mulch in Tropical Vegetable Crop Production in Hawaii 2009.

Weed Control in Native Hawaiian Plants

Native Plants on Hawaii's Roadways

Restoring Native Habitats in Hawaii

Student presentations for Weed Science Lab, TPSS/PEPS 481

Herbicide and Growth Regulator Studies in Potted Ornamentals 2005 to 2007

Non-Weed Control Presentations (posted 06/21/2011)