Course title:        Plants for People : Beverage Crops

Instructor:           Dr. H.C. Skip Bittenbender, presented in Fall 2011, UH Manoa

Teaching assistant and camera work: Ping-Fang Wu

Production & Editing:  Dr. Joe DeFrank



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Lectures as Window Media Files

Aug 23


Photo, student expectations , taste bitter, sweet, acid, salt






Aug 30

Temperate fruit and veg. Juices discussion/tasting

Taste tomato, cranberry purchased juice

apple, 2 vars juiced, sweet and sparking cider, hard cider

Lect. on history, production  stats, and uses.  Various forms to taste

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Sep 6

Tropical and subtropical juice discussion and tasting

Taste orange juices, guava, pineapple

Lect. on history, production stats, and uses. Fresh squeeze, frozen concentrate,  canned, chilled from conc.,  chilled not from conc.

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Sep 13


Taste two banana smoothie recipes

Lect. on history, theory, and practice

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Sep. 20

Coffee- history and origin

QUIZ 1-temperate and tropical fruit and vegetable beverages; Start wet and dry process


Taste brew concentration

Lect.- history, origin,


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Sep. 27 Class canceled        

Oct 04

Coffee -growing, processing, roasting and brewing

Dry mill and winnow, taste roasting level

Lect.- harvesting, processing, roasting and tasting

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Oct 11

Kava –history and origin

QUIZ 2, Coffee,

Taste fresh kava – ‘Papaeleele

Lect. – history, physiology

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Oct 18 Kava –growing, processing, tasting Taste dry kava – roots and stump of Papaeleele Lect. - production processing, future

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Oct 25 Cacao history and origin

QUIZ 3 kava,

Taste Mayan drink, hot chocolate,

Break pod, start ferment 
Lect. on history and production of cacao click for pdf

Slides 1 thru 12

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Nov 1

Cacao production and processing

Roast and Taste generic cocoa nibs and milk vs dark chocolate

Lect.- processing

 click for pdf


Slides 13 thru 26

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Nov. 8

Chocolate making, tasting

Taste different origin chocolate, roast, grind taste cocoa mass of initial cacao

Lect.- on chocolate making

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Slides 27 thru 31

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Nov 15

Tea history and origin

Quiz 4, Taste English, Chinese, Japanese style teas

Lect.- history and production

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Slide 01 thru 42

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Nov 22

Herbal teas

Taste Herbals

Lect. on  production and processing herbals

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Slide 43 thru 54

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Nov 29

Fermented fruit juices

QUIZ 5, Taste red & white wine

Lect. on grape production, wine making, distillation

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Dec 6

Fermented grains and distillation

Demo beer making  Taste 2 beers

Lect. grain, hop growing

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Dec 15 Thursday

Final Exam

9:45 to 11:45 am





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