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Department of Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering
University of Hawaii-Manoa
1955 East-West Road, Ag. Science 218
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Telephone: (808) 956-8384
FAX: (808) 956-3542



Name Title Interest
David Christopher Ph.D. Chair and Prof. Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology, Functional Genomics, Plant Biotechnology
Jon-Paul Bingham Ph.D. MBBE Graduate Chair and Assistant Prof. Marine Peptide Biochemistry
Dulal Borthakur Ph.D. Professor. Plant-Microbe Interactions, Plant Biotechnology
Loren D. Gautz Ph.D. Associate Prof. Bioproduction control, Bioproduction Systems Engineering
Andy Hashimoto Ph.D. Professor Bioconversion Processes; Ethanol Fuels; Anaerobic Digestion; Waste Management Systems
Daniel M. Jenkins Ph.D., P.E. Associate Prof. Biosensors and Instrumentation
Eun Sung Kan Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Wastewater/groundwater/waste gas treatment; Biofuel production; Novel bioreactors for environmental remediation, biofuel production and biomedical application
Samir K. Khanal Ph.D. P.E. BE. Grad.Chair and Associate Prof. Bioenergy and Biobased Products; Waste-to-Energy
Charles Kinoshita Ph.D., P.E Associate Dean and Prof. Heat and Mass Transport in Chemically Reacting Systems. Energy Conversion. Bioremediation.
Qing X. Li Ph.D. Professor

Proteomics; Bioremediation; Environmental Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Pratibha V. Nerurkar Ph.D. Associate Prof. Metabolic Disorders, Signal Transduction, Alternative Medicine, and Proteomics
Gernot Presting Ph.D. Associate Prof. Bioinformatics, Functional Genomics
Wei-Wen Winston Su Ph.D. Professor Biochemical Engineering, Plant Cell Culture, Molecular Biotechnology
Ping-Yi Yang Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Bioprocess Technology, Waste Water Engineering

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

John S Allen III, Ph.D. Associate Prof.

Biomedical engineering, Physical and Biological Acoustics, Bubble Dynamics and Cavitation

Anne M. Alvarez Ph.D. Professor Plant-Pathogen Interactions, Biocontrol of Plant Diseases
John Awaya, Ph.D Assitant Prof.

Biodegradation and bioremediation

Richard Allsopp Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Stem Cells, Regulation of Telomerase Expression in Cells
André Bachmann Ph.D. Professor Tumor Growth and Cell Differentiation
Michele Carbone Ph.D. Professor/Director, CRCH Cancer Biology
Leng Chee Chang, Ph.D. Assistant Prof.

protein kinase inhibitors, characterization of natural bioactive compounds, Traditional cultural medicines

Sandra Chang Ph.D. Professor Cancer Biology
Gert de Couet Ph.D. Professor Molecular Biology, Invertebrate Biology, Biotechnology
Michael Dunn Ph.D. Associate Prof. Molecular Nutrition
Wael M. ElShamy, Ph.D. Assistant Prof.

Cancer biology, Metastatic Breast Cancer
Cancer Research Center of Hawaii

Thomas Ernst Ph.D. Professor Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
Ruth D. Gates, Ph.D. Associate Prof.

the regulation and de-stabilization of coral/dinoflagellate symbioses, and the evolution and development of animal sensory systems.

Gordon Grau Ph.D. Professor Marine Biology
Chung-Eun Ha Ph.D. Associate Prof. Biochemistry, Human Serum Albumin
Tung Hoang Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Molecular Microbiology
John Hu Ph.D. Professor Plant Virology
Soojin Jun Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Food Engineering, Food Packaging
Yong-Soo Kim Ph.D. Associate Researcher Animal Biotechnology
Darren T. Lerner, Ph.D Associate Director Environmental physiology of fishes, endocrine responses to environmental stressors and endocrine disruption of growth and development
Pingsun Leung, Ph.D. Professor Bioproduction economics, aquaculture, fisheries
Clark C. Liu Ph.D. Professor Bioengineering
Partricia Lorenzo Ph.D. Associate Prof. Cancer Biology
Will C. McClatchey Ph.D. Professor Applied Ethnobotany, Medicinal Plants
Clifford W. Morden Ph.D. Associate Prof. Molecular Systematics
Vivek Nerurkar Ph.D. Professor Molecular Virology and Epidemiology
Robert Nichols, Ph.D. Associate Professor Beta Amyloid and Presynaptic Nicotinic receptors
Joe Ramos Ph.D. Associate Prof. Cancer Biology
Chittaranjan Ray Ph.D. Professor Groundwater Hydrology, Bioremediation
Andre P. Seale, Ph.D. Assistant Researcher Comparative endocrinology, environmental adaptation, osmoreception, osmoregulatory physiology, aquaculture
Ralph Shohet Ph.D. Professor Molecular Medicine
V. Andrew Stenger Ph.D. Professor Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Alexander James Stokes Ph.D. Assistant Researcher Cell Biology
Clyde Tamaru Ph.D. Extension Specialist Aquaculture
Tao Yan Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Microbial Ecology, Environmental Genomics, Soil/Sediment Bioremediation, Fate and Transport of Waterborne Pathogens
Randal K. Wada, M.D. Associate Professor Cancer research, MYCN transcription and differentiation in Neuroblastoma
Guangyi Wang Ph.D. Associate Prof. Marine Microbial Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Angel Yanagihara Ph.D. Assistant Researcher Biochemistry, Peptide Toxins
Jinzeng Yang Ph.D. Associate Prof. Animal Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Jian Yu Ph.D. Assoicate Prof. Bioengineering, Marine Bioproduct Development
Affiliate Graduate Faculty
Dr. Paul Moore Ph.D. Supervisory Plant Physiologist Sugarcane Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Biology
Dr. Shaun Moss Ph.D. Director of Shrimp Research Aquaculture
Dr. Ming Li Wang Ph.D. research Geneticist Plant Molecualr Biology
Dr. Judy Zhu Ph.D. Biochemist Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Disease Resistance, Biotechnology
Other Research Faculty
Traci Sylva Ph.D. Assistant Researcher