Submitted Samples

Photo Gallery 2











Bamboo Mites









Banana Moth









Ti Leaf: Bacteria Leaf Spot




Banana Leaf Streak


Papaya Black Spot: Fruit


Papaya Black Spot: Leaf










Peach Borer






Corn Rust


Melon Fly











Corn Borer




Pickleworm damage




Oleander Moth














Broad Mites




Phythophthora Leaf Spot


Click Beetle




Plumeria Rust








Eggplant: Phomopsis


Lacebug Damage






Pythium Stem Rot










Carpenter Bee


Papaya Mite Damage


Papaya Anthracnose


Avocado: Red Banded Thrips






Turf: Webworm


Squash: Earworm Damage


Eggplant: Cercospora Leaf Spot


Okra: Stink bug







Stink bug


Diamond Back Moth


Taro Leaf Hopper

Florida Red Scale









Artillery Plant


Bed Bug



Long Horned Beetle









Pepper White Flies


Hemispherical scale


Spider Mites on Avacado

Cigarette Beetle









Hover Fly


Hibiscus Erineum Mite


Jungle Rice Grass

Mite Damage on Ti







Mite Damage on Ti


Colletotrichum on Ti


Unknown Weed

Tree Marigold







Styllar end rot


Apple Snail Eggs






The Farmer Action Center is a program conducted by the Kaneohe Extension Office, UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Kaneohe Extension Office, 45-260 Waikalua Road, Kaneohe, HI 96744, Phone: 247-0421











































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