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Rainwater as a Resource

Rain Water

This simple, beautiful video set in India encourages the value and use of rainwater harvesting for everyone.

Harvesting rainwater in Bangalore

This video is a fun look at how water is collected and delivered for use in India. Video by Jaan Janaki.

Water Savings Action Plan

This video shows how rainwater is used as a public resource in Australia. It also provides water conservation tips.

Tank Construction

Rainwater Collection-Cistern Construction

This is a music video showing construction on a galvanized steel tank, which is common in Hawai'i.


Water Harvesting & Biodiversity, Part I

This video offers suggestions for urban revegetation and creating a sustainable environment.

Water Harvesting & Biodiversity, Part II

Urban revegetation via water harvesting to lower cooling costs and minimize the heat island effect (Tucson)

L.A. Looks at Harvesting Rain Water with TreePeople

TreePeople's pilot project at an elementary school captures, filters and stores rainwater to irrigate a ballfield and keep pollutants out of the Santa Monica bay.

Tank Water Improvement Techniques

Tank Vac

This video shows how a "Tank Vac" pulls water from the bottom of the tank when the tank overflows. It is useful for removing older, less oxyginated water from the bottom of the tank, allowing more oxygenated water to replace it.