The University of Hawai'i Insect Museum serves as a center for insect identification and systematics-based research. We have workspace, equipment, and resources for detailed taxonomic analysis, and researchers from many different laboratories are able to work and interact under its auspices. Our close association with the extensive collections and staff of the Bishop Museum greatly enhances this interactive museum community.

The University of Hawaii Insect Museum is currently in the midst of digitizing the entire collection, which will result in a fully searchable database that includes images and can generate interactive maps. Some records can already be accessed at the Southwest Collections of Arthropods Network portal and at InvertNet. For an older database that may still be useful, search our Insect Holdings Database.

Areas of strength


We house extensive native insect collections, including the Hawaiian Drosophila collection, which serve as historical records. Older collection records help establish patterns of decline and disappearance for different insect species, and may help to identify those factors which have led to the declines.


We house synoptic pest collections for most crops of agricultural importance including historical collections indicating the presence, absence and patterns of invasions for newly introduced insects. This part of the collection is invaluable for tracking the spread of new invasive insects and the effectiveness of control efforts for current and historical invasions.

Insect Museum

Insect Museum

Support for the museum helps to preserve the collection, fund events, and support field work and research experience for students from high school to the PhD level. Please consider making a donation.



Musuem Sort
The University of Hawaii Insect Museum held an insect sorting event....


Darwin Day Museum Open House
The University of Hawaii Darwin Day Open House was a great success! thanks to all who helped and came to celebrate this event showcasing the remodeled Museum......

Digitization Project
A natural history museum is much like a library. The specimens along with their labels contain a wealth of information about taxonomy, evolution and ecology......

Community Outreach
Kindergarden Field Trip to the Museum.....



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