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New Water Test Interpretation

This program will help you interpret the results of a routine domestic water analysis, performed by a certified drinking water analysis laboratory. The routine domestic water analysis tests for characteristics that could affect health and uses of water. Use your report to find the levels that correspond with the contaminants listed.

The results in the report you get back from the lab will show numbers in different units. In the drop down menu beside each contaminant, choose the unit appropriate for your number. Note: 1 ug/L or microgram per liter represents 1 part per billion (ppb). 1 mg/L or milligram per liter is equivalent to parts per million (ppm). 1 ug/ml or microgram per milliliter is equivalent to parts per million (ppm).

  Test Name Lab Result
  Arsenic (As)
  Aluminum (Al)
  Barium (Ba)
  Cadmium (Cd)
  Calcium (Ca)
  Chloride (Cl)
  Chromium (Cr)
  Copper (Cu)
  Fluoride (F)
  Iron (Fe)
  Magnesium (Mg)
  Manganese (Mn)
  Mercury (Hg)
  Nitrate (NO3-N)
  Selenium (Se)
  Silver (Ag)
  Sodium (Na)
  Turbidity NTU
  Uranium (U)

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Click the SUBMIT button to obtain a table with an interpretation of the quality of your water. If you need to start over, or wish to enter data for a new water sample, click the RESET button to clear the information you have entered.