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One of the many characteristics of a strong, healthy community is that people work together to resolve conflicts. This requires a sense of understanding and connection between the community members. There are many simple steps we can take each day to build understanding and connections.

The Ka ‘Aha program encourages participants to think about and take these simple actions each day. It emphasizes actions that help to connect generations – whether they are family, friends, neighbors, or strangers. The program is a team-based online program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Organize an intergenerational team. An intergenerational team is a group of 2-4 people who are from at least two different generations (age difference of at least 20 years). Teams can be made up of family members, friends or neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else interested in being a team. Once you have found your team, you are ready to register for Ka `Aha.

  2. Register as a team. Once your team is formed, each member will complete a simple registration form online.
  3. When you register, you will be asked for a team name, so choose something that is easy to remember. For team members who either don’t have internet access or who have little computer experience, ask a team member to help with this step.

  4. Explore this program website. After registering, but before the program officially begins on August 16, 2010, team members can explore the program website to learn more about simple activities they can participate in each day – with their fellow teammates and with others in the community – that contribute to strong, healthy communities. Daily steps focus on intergenerational activities that help team members learn from, share with, teach, and participate together in healthy activities.

  5. Begin taking simple daily steps and record your progress. Each week, print out a copy to track of your action steps throughout the week. Use this form to complete the online form at the end of each week. You will receive a weekly email reminding you to complete your weekly log sheet and directing you to new materials added to the website with tips, stories, and “byte-sized” handouts. If you have success stories you would like to share with other participants, please include them on the weekly online logs and they will appear on the website.

  6. Complete the final feedback form. At the end of this 8 week program, team members will receive an email requesting you to complete a simple feedback form to learn more about your experience in the program – what you have learned, actions you have taken, and results you have experienced as a result of your participation.

The Ka ‘Aha program is a fun way for people of different generations to connect or reconnect with one another. As our kupuna grow older, it’s important we learn from their rich wisdom and experiences so we can carry on culture and traditions. While gathering your intergenerational teams, we encourage you to consider including school age keiki and kupuna so that your teams represent the full lifespan, and all members gain from the interaction and the perspectives of the different ages.

Click here for a list of intergenerational terminologies.