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Registration & Weekly Evaluations

We are excited about your interest in the Ka ‘Aha program. So that we can help your team track your weekly activities, please take a few minutes to register for the program. Each team member needs to register separately. If there are members who don’t have a computer or have little computer knowledge, please help them register.

Please click on the following link to access the registration page

Each week…

Each week we will ask for your feedback about the program and about activities you’ve been participating in as team members and individually. Click here to enter your information. It may be easier to print out a copy of the weekly evaluation to track your activities throughout the week.

Every Monday morning you will receive an email reminding you to submit your evaluation information online. We will use this to track the activities and the progress your entire team makes throughout the 8 weeks.

By the end of the 8 weeks, we hope the activities you’ve participated in have become almost a habit and that you continue to participate in many intergenerational activities on a regular basis. The more our community works together with all generations, the stronger we become.

Below we have listed the actions listed on the weekly evaluation. To the right of each action is a list of ideas that are included in that action. This list is not complete so if you have creative ideas to add, please share them!

Action listed on Weekly Evaluation

Activity ideas included in that action

Intentionally spend time with someone of another generation Talking story with grandchild, grandparent, aunty, uncle, or other keiki (child) or kupuna (elder)
Playing games together – checkers, scrabble, card games, board games,
Telling stories
Looking at pictures
Learning about ancestors
Use technology to keep in touch with someone of another generation Call someone on the phone
Write and mail a letter (yes, even a letter can be considered a type of simple technology)
Send an email
Prepare and/or eat a family meal together Cooking isn’t the only part of preparing a meal. Families can work together to:
Set the table
Wash the dishes
Chop fruits and vegetables
Make a shopping list
Shop for food
And much more!
Exercise with someone of another generation There are many types of exercise people can do together:
Exercise DVDs
Wii Fit, or Wii Games
Exercise Video Games
What else could you add to this list?
Play an outside game with another generation Many keiki (children) don’t play the same outdoor games that kupuna (elders) played as children.
Hop scotch
Capture the flag
Perform an act of kindness for someone of another generation Open a door for someone in a wheel chair, pushing a stroller, using a cane or walker, or for any other reason
Participate with other generations in a community program or event Working together at a community fair
Volunteer at a hospital
Help tutor a child or teen
Speak to a community group about a community concern
Hanging up posters or flyers advertising a community event
Collecting or delivering food to those needing assistance
Participating in charity walks
Participate in a blood drive
What events are taking place in your city or town in the next couple months? Could you get involved?

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will receive a final evaluation form. We always strive to improve our programs and we do this through feedback from participants like yourself. When you receive the request to complete the final evaluation, please take a few minutes to let us know how we can make improvements