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Intergenerational Terms

someone who is a grandparent, relative, close friend of the grandparent’s generation, adopted grandparent, acts as a grandparent, or is loved as a grandparent*
a child*
Ka ‘Aha:
A chord, or braid, length or rope often specific to a coconut husk but can be any braided chord.
A meeting, group, or an organization of people.
Intergenerational team
group of at least 2 people from different generations, meaning that there is at least a 20 year difference between the oldest and youngest team members. Intergenerational team members can be children, parents, grandparents, auntys, uncles, neighbors, and friends.
Log sheet
weekly tracking form for intergenerational activities. At the end of each week, each team member will receive an email reminding them to enter the information from the log sheet online. For those who don’t have email, team members are encouraged to keep them up to date and help them complete the weekly online log sheets.
a computer that is connected to others through a network.
a group of people born about the same time, generally within a 20-30 year period. Common generation names are Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y.
Byte size publication
short factsheet used in the Ka `Aha program; each publication highlights simple activities that encourage different generations to work together.
* Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library