Maui County Unversity of Hawaii at Manoa UH Seal Soil Nutrient Management for Maui County College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR)
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The purpose of this web resource is to provide fundamental concepts for managing nutrients in tropical soils and container crop production. Though basic in principle, the importance of nutrient management cannot be underestimated. If growers are to maximize crop productivity, it is imperative they supply plants with the proper nutrition in both field and greenhouse environments.

The organization of this website consists of four sections:

Much of the information provided in this website is unique to Maui. We aim to provide the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources’ (CTAHR) clients with resources, knowledge and tools that are easily accessible, comprehensible and useful for properly managing their crops. Despite the localized nature of some information supplied here, much of it can be applied elsewhere in the tropics particularly throughout the Pacific.

The information on this webpage was assembled and written by Tai McClellan under the supervision of Drs. Jonathan Deenik and Paul Singleton (Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences). We thank the Office of Economic Development of Maui County for providing funds to support this work (Grant Agreement no. 903542).